My friend needs prayer: Abigail is here, Bethany is gone

A very good friend of mine lost one of her twins a couple of days ago. She is about 4 months along, and this is the sixth child she has lost. Please also pray that the second baby (Abigail) makes it to her due date.

Oh My, such a sad, sad thing to happen! I will certainly pray for them now & add them to my prayer list.

She’s in my prayers and in my heart…:heart:

:pray: :hug:

That’s really sad. My good thoughts are with her! Crossed Fingers


I am so very sorry.

praying!!! all God’s angels are surrounding Abigail and her family.


How sad. I feel for her.

My prayers are with her.

I’m so sorry. :sad: My thoughts are with her.

She is in my thoughts and prayers…:hug:

Oh, how terribly sad!!! I will certainly pray for a strong body and healthy baby.

Do not say there is NO GOD. My friend has had a miracle. She went to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done, and both twins (girls) are doing great.:woohoo: After being told that Baby A (Bethany) was dead and they were only going to keep her pregnant long enough for Baby B (Abigail) to grow. Now, both are living, and due February 3, 2008.:yay::cheering::woot:

Thank you for all the prayers, I know that they have worked for her and the babies.

That is so wonderful! :heart:

I am utterly lost for words. I am so happy our prayers came through. I will continue to pray for your friend and her two baby girls that the the pregnancy goes well.

:woot:Great news!!! Continued prayers for them all…:hug:

Wow that is a miracle!!! What great news!

:hug::hug::hug: and :pray::pray::pray: all around for your friend.

OMG! That is so awesome!! :woohoo::woohoo:

Wow, that is good news. I’m sure she’s thrilled.

Great news! :woot:I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for her:pray: