My friend needs prayer: Abigail is here, Bethany is gone

That is fantastic news! Praise the Lord! :woot::yay::cheering::woohoo:

(Oh, and Baby A has a great name - one I happen to share, actually! :teehee:)

Thank you all. Everyday miracles are the ones we can say maybe I just thought it was a miracle, but having a baby come back to life when all test showed death for more than a week is a miracle that no one can deny. Praise the Lord above.:woohoo:

The girls were born on Tuesday. Abigail is doing great, but Bethany was lost last night. Please pray for my friend and her family, for Bethany is the fifth child they lost. I just wish the blankets had made it there in time. I hope that Sherri, finds a good use for the second blanket.




:hug: :hug:


having gone through it myself, i understand your friend’s pain.

I have been there too. Just wish I was closer to her to give her a big hug. I love her like a sister, and just wish that Bethany could have stayed with us. She is a wonderful person, and is thanking God for the little time that she did get to spend with Bethany.




My thoughts and prayers are with Abigail, your friend and her family. :heart: :hug:

:heart: :heart: :pray: :heart: :heart:


I’m thinking of her little baby!

Your poor friend—what a terrible emotional roller coaster ride she’s had.

Will be sending up prayers for strength and comfort, and that Abigail thrives.