My First Irish Hiking Scarf

Here’s my first Irish Hiking Scarf. It’s pretty long, though you can’t tell by my 1’ tall model ;). I did it in exactly 1 week and it was a blast. 2nd one already started, for a Christmas present.

Our model is Cricket :wink:

Very pretty!! The scarf too. I love the color and it looks soft and supple. What yarn did you use?

Wow, it looks great! I really like the color as well, and I think it shows off the cables nicely :slight_smile:

I used Caron’s Simply Soft. It’s shimmery and soooo soft.

Lovely color! And great job on the cables.

Great job! I used Caron’s SS on my first irish hiking scarf too, I think a lot of people have
Your model seems to love it!:heart:

VERY NICE!! LOVE the model!

I have plans for buches of Irish Hiking scarf Christmas presents, they are kinda addicting.

Cricket is cute, and I love the color you chose for the scarf. I’ve also used the simply soft for the irish hiking scarf. :cheering:

Beautiful work, great color and cute doggy!


I wanna shih-tzu!!

Thanks! I have 4 (STs and mixes). See Flickr album for more pics of my dogs. :wink:

Go to and search in your zip code (and for whatever your breed is), you’ll find tons of wonderful dogs in your own backyard just waiting for you to adopt them!!! I work with Shih Tzu rescues (and others). They are awesome dogs! Playful, cuddly, etc. But they don’t like to be alone…so get 2!

Wow I LOVE the colour and the tassles on the end. Thats a gorgeous version of that lovely scarf pattern :slight_smile:

Beautiful scarf! And Cricket looks like our rescued Shih Tzu named Angus! He’s a sweetie, the boss of our other rescued dogs and cats. We will look for another Shih Tzu when we’re in need of another dog. They are terrific family members!!! samm who wants to make the Irish Hiking Scarf too…

What are the defining features of an Irish hiking scarf?

Cricket said, “the things I do for steak…:(”


Nice work! Love the bright, cheerful color.

I love your dog!

Your scarf is really pretty. Hopefully I’ll start one before winter :slight_smile:

Very nice! Where did you get the pattern?

Was this your first time doing cables? I haven’t tackled cables yet, and am wondering what is a good first project.

Great job!!!:cheering::cheering:

Hi all, thanks for the nice messages! I’m pretty new to cabling, I tried a little and it’s SOOOOOOOOO easy. Here’s a good KH thread on HOW easy it is.

You can get the pattern (which is free online). Go to my blog post and you’ll see the link to it. Also more pics of Cricket in it. :D. She just had surgery on top of her head so she looks like a little Frankenstein…the scarf hides it well.

Get your own Cricket (or whatever your breed is) at Search within your own zip code for a breed (even specify gender and age) on that site! Also, remember to share the URL with others online, they can search in their own area.

I think the scarf is great and so is the model! :cheering: