Mixing wool from different sheep in a project.

I have some small amounts of different sheep’s wool to spin up. I was thinking of spinning up some brown jacobs and cream Shetland. I was thinking of spinning them up (separately) then using them together to create a brick effect. It’s not something I will need to wash often but probably now and again. Do you think these 2 wools would mix OK or would I end up with a mess after washing?

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I haven’t faced this problem but @mullerslanefarm may be able to help us both out.

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@ElySarah, It sounds lovely! It will create a wonderful barber pole effect in the yarn and then, as you say, a brick effect.

I often combine wools from different breeds, or combining silk noils with the wool. The old time Linsey-Woolsey was a combination of linen and wool spun together.

There are no rules in spinning!

Have fun with it!!



I can spin away with confidence now!