Malabrigo Yarn

I just bought some malabrigo yarn and I love it. I don’t know what to knit with it. I was going to knit a scarf but I can’t find a pattern that I love. I sure don’t want to knit just anything with this beautiful yarn!!! What has everybody knitted with malabrigo?


I recently purchased two hanks of my very first Mmmmmm yarn too. I love how soft it is. I do plan to knit scarves with it. I got two different dyed hanks so just enough. But they should be pretty.

I did the Irish Hiking Scarfwith mine. I LOVE it!

How much do you have?

Ive knit several scarves with it, a few felted Sophie bags, I have MMmmmalabrigo in my stash for a cropped cardigan and a pullover.

Andrea has knit socks from it.

You will need 2 hanks for a scarf of decent length.

I would wear Malabrigo UNDERWEAR, I swear! Your options are ENDLESS, my friend!! :cheering:

Where can you buy Malabrigo yarn :shrug:

If you go to they have a “Find a Shop” link so you can find the closest LYS that carries it!

so I can’t get it at say Knitpix?Or on line?

I’m knitting a scrunchable scarf with my first Malabrigo. Using a multiple of three, it’s K2P1 every row. It makes a column of knits, one of purls, and one of garter all the way down on both sides.

I just got a newsletter from my LYS that says they are selling it!!! :happydance: I’m in soooooooo much trouble :pout:

WEBS carries it - They’ve got most of the colors, but sometimes their stock levels leave much to be desired!

Thanks everyone. I think I’m going to knit the one cable scarf in the OneSkein book. I am knitting a Irish Hiking Scarf for my dad and I love how it is turning out. I am using Mission Falls Wool for that one though.

Me too!! It is sooooooooooo soft!! :inlove:

Amber and CateKnits how many did you cast-on for your scrunchable scarf?

When you knit the scrunchable scarf I knit K2P1 until the end of the row but I can only do K2 is that okay? I think it is the two selvage stitches you cast on. Does this mean that I should K1 on both ends of the row?

Thanks so much.

You can also get it at Personal Threads. They generally have a pretty good supply of various weights and colorways.

oh! pay attention to the lengths when you are searching though. If i recall correctly the bulky weight yarn is only either 65 or 85 yards (or something like that) whereas the worsted is 215.

I cast-on 20 sts. I only have one skein, so it’s going to be somewhat narrow, but should be plenty long enough.

You need a multiple of three stitches for the pattern (K2, P1) plus two selvage stitches. You slip the first stitch of each row purl-wise, and knit the last stitch. So, for each row it’s: Slip one, K2, P1 repeat until the last stitch, K1.

I think mine is 26 stitches, including the two edge stitches. I’m using size 10 needles so it’s a little less dense and more scrunchy. It doesn’t seem loose at all, though. I :heart: it! I’ve got two skeins, but I’m not going to make it two skeins long. I think I’m going make a Coif from Knitty from the rest.

Thanks Amber. I’m going to start it now.

Thanks to you also, CateKnits.