Malabrigo Yarn

Thanks Brendajos great site :muah:

I do the same # of sts and use the same sz needles as Cate. I make the scarf about 1.5 skeins long. and then keep the rest of the yarn for petting. :oops:

Does everybody do the selvage stitches like Amber? She said to slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch. My borders on my scarf don’t look the same. One you can see the knit stitch and the other end you can see the slip stitch is that how it is suppose to be?

Sorry for all the questions. Just want it to be right will this beautiful yarn.

If you slip the first stitch purl-wise (make sure the yarn is in front) and knit the last stitch on every row, it should give you a nice, neat, smooth edge on both sides. Make sure you’re slipping the first stitch purl-wise though with the working yarn in front, or you’ll get a small bump.


Amber, I do slip in purlwise but then I have to knit the next stitch so the working yarn goings behind so I can knit it. I usually understand things quickly. The edges just don’t look right to me. :shrug:

Yep, that’s right. Slip with the yarn in front, then move it to the back to knit the next stitch.

I took a picture of mine to show you. Sorry it’s a bit blurry.

Thanks Amber. I went down needle size and it seems to look better. I was using a 10 1/2 needle and went down to 10. Thanks for all your help. I love your colorway on your scarf. You did say that was Mmmmm yarn?

Yep, I’m using Mmmmmmmmm :inlove: It’s the “Brownberries” colorway.

I’m using a size 9 needle.

I am using Tiger Lily. It is a orange color. I will take a picture when I get a little bit further. Thanks for everything Amber. I saw on your blog that you have two boys. How old are they? I have two boys also and they are 14 on October 1st and they other one is 11.

I am using mine to make Fetching. So soft and snuggly! I love the scrunchable scarf idea… maybe I will make a matching scarf too.

How funny! My boys are 4.5 and 14 mos. I just noticed that you’re in Littleton – we are going to be moving to the Denver area next Spring/Summer (we’re looking at Centennial or maybe Parker). How do you like it there? And I guess more importantly, are there any good LYS nearby? :smiley: