Little bear hat and Lovey

This is a free pattern from Premiere yarns I need help with the ear shaping . I made the head, but the ears did not come out What am I doing wrong?

This is the pattern, yes?

When you say the ears didn’t come out right what do you mean? Can you post a closeup picture of one of them?

That is the pattern Not sure how to post a picture for you If you can tell me where to send the picture,I would appreciate it so much Basically, I have no ear shaping at all . The ears are not visible at all I’d love to send you a picture so that you can see where I have the 2 needles placed. The hat is joined, but I have no ears at all .

I’m referring to the ears of the Lovey, not the hat

The ears aren’t going to be prominent until you stitch on either side of the head as described in the Finishing. Looks good so far!

Ok Thanks I can’t see the ears yet

The ears will be a bit like the ones on this hat where the corners are stitched off on a diagonal.

I see Thank you so
Much You are such a big help If they don’t show up prominent enough, I’ll make separate ears. I can’t thank you enough I’ve never seen a pattern with these instructions

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