Leslie Sansone Walking DVD's

Has anyone done her walking exercise DVD’s? I have put on about 20 lbs in the last 2 years :oops: due to some stressful things that have happened in my life and I have been doing Denise Austin, Calanetics and Yoga for about 6 months now and am at a standstill as far as weightloss is concerned.

I saw her on QVC a few weeks ago and boy is it expensive on there! But I found her other items on Amazon and Ebay and they are much cheaper but I’ve spent a few dollars on these others and was wondering if anyone here has used hers and seen any results before I go and dump any more cash on these dvd’s.

P.S. I’m a very lazy person when it comes to exercise. I’d love to lose at the most 30 total pounds. I know I just need to get moving but don’t want to lose any more money.

bailsmom - I belong to a fitness board, too, and Leslie’s workouts are always workouts we recommend to beginners to cardio. (Most of us do at-home workouts.) If you’re not good with fancy choreography, try these. Some of hers are easier than others - I like her “Fast Walk” series, which goes at a slightly quicker pace (and I think you can find it at WalMart, too). You can see clips of her workouts on her website (www.lesliesansone.com) or at www.collagevideo.com to get a feel for whether you’d like them or not. Others on the fitness board also recommend George Foreman’s walking workouts.

If you want to try a step workout, I recommend Cathe Friedrich’s Basic Step - if you get the one with Body Fusion on it, you’ll get a good basic weights/strength workout, too. Let me know if you need more recommendations.

PS. If you want to push up the intensity a bit, you might look at the Firm workouts. Their latest series is called the TransFIRMation series, and uses no extra equipment except for light weights (which you can buy pretty cheaply at Walmart or Target). I know Overstock has some of their workouts - try “Burn and Shape” or “Total Body Time Crunch” or “Total Body Toner” or maybe “Total Body Lite” for shorter (40 minute) workouts that would kick your routine up a notch. You can see previews at www.collagevideo.com.

I have a complete set of her dvd’s from QVC and I like them. Give them a try.

I have her dvds and like them. They are really easy as far the coordination, and there are different fitness levels. I also found that she doesn’t condescend, which is always a good thing.

I watch her for free (sort of) on my DVR. It’s part of my on demand package. She’s under “excercise” in the Sports section. It’s mosty just her walking videos. She has either some “older folks” and larger folks and she just does walking in place. THen she goes faster and raises her arms up and down and does side to side, lift the legs and that’s about it. But it;s good for a 20 minute sweat so if you;re just starting I think these would be good. She’s always happy and laughing whihch I find annoying but at least she’s not yellilng at you and calling you names.

Thank you everyone! I’m off to watch those clips to see if I’ll like it or not.

I have one of these DVDs, it’s the 30 minute walk one, and I never do it anymore because I just don’t have the room in my living room. I would be more than happy to send it to you if you want it! PM me your address if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

I have her set that has the 1, 2 and 3 mile walks in it. I have used the 2 mile video now for a long time and like them a lot. Easy to follow, does not take much time or coordination. The one thing about the three mile, if you try it, is that it does not have a long enough warm up, so you’d want to do a warm up before you start the three mile. I bought mine at amazon for less than 20.


Hey everyone! I bought one of her dvd’s, it has a 1,2 and 3 mile walk on them and I really like it. I also like the one that Abbily sent me (what a sweetie!)

I have one question though in regards to the number of calories burned with each mile. Does anyone know where I can find that info out??

Your total calories burned will depend on your age, height and weight and how much oomph you put into the workouts. You might try www.fitday.com and see how many calories they say you burn with a 1/2/3 mile walk.

Here’s what I found about some Leslie workouts from what others list as their results based on their heart rate monitors (I belong to a fitness board, and some people post this stuff):

Walk Away The Pounds (WATP) Abs 2 mile
Calories burned: 216

WATP Express 4 mile Super Challenge
Calories burned: 397 (someone else burned 441 cal)

4-Mile Express (without stretch) 400

4 mile Fast Walk Slim
449 calories; another saying 478 calories

On average, it looks like something around 100+ calories per mile.

I have the 2 mile video. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake, but there is so much movement, it took me some time before I could do the whole thing. It is a pretty good workout though. And she is so sweet, I really like her attitude. She is very encouraging.

Yeah, I like her attitude also. :thumbsup: Thank you for the calorie info cftwo!! That helps a lot.

I first did the 1 mile since I didn’t want to overdo anything and then the next time did the 2 mile and now I’m doing the 3 mile every other day!! That’s a lot of exercise that I am getting, it feels great!! Plus, I’m sweating like a pig by the 2nd mile!!! :passedout:

You can find a general idea of calories burned here: http://www.nutristrategy.com/activitylist3.htm but remember with everyone’s individual body come individual results. These are “avereages” While one person may easily be able to burn 300 calories an hour doing something another may only burn half that. It all has to do with strength, exersion and physical readiness.

Are all her videos religious? I’m sort of confused by her website. I’ve been looking for something I can do that isn’t Richard Simmons and not made for someone who already is fit (or at least appears to only be made for someone who is already fit from the models they use). I’ll check and see if she is on my free ppv, too. Thanks for the idea.

I think that depends on what you would consider “religious”. In the one I have she does mention God (at least I should say in the 3 mile walk, I’m not sure about the other two walks) but it’s only for a few seconds and it’s not much at all. I couldn’t exercise today because I had a terrible migraine all day so when I do it tomorrow, I’ll try to notice what she is saying.

But I do know she does have some dvd’s that have christian music being played. I assume it’s just the music and not any words being sung, I could be wrong about that though. :shrug:

But I wouldn’t say that the one I have is “religious” at all. In fact, no where near being religious. Because she talks about a lot of other things during the workout and only mentions the one time about God.

HTH!! :slight_smile:

knitcook - check out www.collagevideo.com, and search for beginner or beginner/intermediate workouts. You’ll find that you have some options which aren’t Richard Simmons and aren’t with super-athletes either. I chose Aerobics Only, Beginner/Intermediate level/floor aerobics and got 37 matches.

I’m thinking of getting my mom Pick Your Level: Fat to Firm Fast, since it has a beginner option, as well as intermediate and more intermediate/advanced options and she can follow the beginner option as long as she needs to. The instructor, Michelle Dozois, often has a variety of body shapes represented in her background exercisers.

Okeedoke! I did the 3 mile and the only thing she says is something like this: “Our bodies weren’t meant to be sedentary, we have to move around” and then she says: “God is smart.”

That’s it for the religious part. HTH. :slight_smile:

Thanks cftwo and bailsmom. I think I can live with that. I’ve seen a few of the exercise programs on the Christian Networks and would be yelling things at them if I actually was exercising. (I mean I’m not even sure I would like them if I were Christian :smiley: ) Anyway, I might check them out. I need something!

I just bought 2 more of her dvds last night! They are quite cheap at Kmart. I was surprised. $15.00 for each and one has 4 different miles and the other has 5 different miles on it! I have quite the variety now!! I’m getting better too, I don’t sweat as much now to the 3 mile one. :cheering: :cheering: Now if it would only show the results on my backside. :aww: :teehee: