Latifa scarf

Hi all,

Has anyone knitted or wants to knit this scarf (see free patterns on this site).

I would like to share ideas and ask questions.


I cant see the pattern… :frowning:

I think she’s referring to this one. :smiley:

I’ve never done it, so no advice here! :slight_smile:

Welcome Melissa!

Nice to have you with us. I like the scarf you knitted on your website. May be you could share your secret pattern with us.

Knitterma, you have attached the correct pattern that I am interested in knitting. (I don’t know how to work the links.)

So, come on everyone - surely this is a beautiful scarf. And you don’t need to use the expensive yarn on the original pattern or pure wool. You also don’t need to be experienced - I am a total begginer!

So, guys, lets knit!

ooooh- very pretty. I’ll KAL if this is a go :smiley:

:heart: cute scarf!!! I love KPPPM. :heart:

I JUST today bought yarn to complete the Latifa scarf!! I found the pattern when I was looking for one for my 16-year-old daughter, Alex, and fell in love with this one for me. Only thing is, I promised my daughter to finish hers (different pattern) first. Of course, she’s lucky now because I have a real incentive to get it finished soon and she’ll have it before spring :wink: .

I’m also a beginner - though I made a dress and sweater for Alex when she was about five, it’s been a long time since I picked up any knitting needles. My 10-year-old wanted to learn to knit and got a kit for the holidays. She lost patience and I ended up making a hat for her from her kit and am hooked on it now.

The Latifa sounds pretty easy until the ruffles when it instructs to “pick up the stitches” and to knit front and back (thereby doubling the number of stitches). I have NO idea how to do either, but I thought I’d get the color block scarf out of the way and then try to figure it out.

Anyway, it’s nice finding this forum. I look forward to chatting with you all.
Sandy Lynn

Welcome Sandy!

I am soooooooooooo pleased you want to do this scarf too.

I’ve also got something to do first - a thick simple scarf for my dad and then I want to do the Latifa for his girlfriend who actually bought me the ruffles yarn and sent it to me. Because she is so nice and has done me a favour I have decided to make this scarf for her without her knowing.

I see that you’re from NY. I don’t know where Westchester is but I do know a lot of towns in NY because my dad lives in Syracuse and I’ve visited there many times. My next trip is planed for this summer.

Don’t worry about the scarf seeming difficult because I’ve experimented with the ruffles and it’s very simple. Only thing is it’s very fiddly and you will probably want some three or more spare needles because the decrease gets so tight when kept going on the same needle. Another thing that might be worth doing which is not pointed out on the pattern is to keep stitches loose between colour blocks so they’ll be easier to work with.

Must go. My daughter is calling.

Shalom Tamar,
Thanks for the welcome!
We live in Ossining, NY, which is about 45 minutes north of New York City. Where in Israel are you? I’ve visited Israel only twice in my life for two-week trips each, but my husband lived in Israel for a year while attending school.

On the scarf - I’m such a newbie I don’t know what I’d do with extra needles. Are they supposed to be the same size as my original project needles, or smaller? And did you mean increased as opposed to decreased number of stitches (the ruffle doubles the number of stitches twice)? Do I just knit on my first pair of needles until it fills up and then stopper it and start on the second needle? :??

I’m a really s l o w knitter, so I’m not sure when I’ll finally get to the ruffling…I suspect you’ll be there long before me and I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with it. :smiley:

Anyway, gotta go and start doing what has to be done so I can get back to my knitting sometime today…
Sandy Lynn

Hi Sandy,

First of all I must apologize. I’ve mistakenly wrote decrease instead of increase :oops:. Yes, that must have confused you. If you have spare needles of size 3 or thereabouts it will help you. You might want to experiment like I did with some spare yarn first.

How comes your husband studied over here? What do they teach in Israel that is not taught in the States?

I live in a moshav north of Netanya. Where did your husband live?

We’re going to get a digital next week - I hope - so, I’ll keep you updated with what I’m doing and I’ll send you a close-up of sampled ruffles that I’ll do. The original picture on Knitty is not clear but once you see a close-up you’ll realize that it’s quite easy and very clever.

Night night for now. I’ll check my e-mails again tomorrow.


though I promised my 16 y.o. to finish her scarf before I start mine, I think I’m going to take some time to experiment with the ruffles. Thanks, Tamar, for the hints on the extra needles - do you need to use double-pointed needles for this? If so, are there accessories to buy to stop up the end so stitches don’t fall off? The video on this site on picking up stitches was very helpful, though they demonstrate picking up on the end of a piece…

[Tamar, I love Netanya! When we did vacation in Israel, we made it our jumping off point since dear friends (who since moved back stateside) lived there for several years. Their apartment was not far from the “boardwalk.” Elliot was actually in Israel for two non-consecutive years. The first in his junior year of college when he studied (and learned Hebrew) at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the second year also in Jerusalem at Hebrew Union College studying for the rabbinate. He travels to Israel with his organization (Central Conference of American Rabbis - the association for reform rabbis) about every four years and we’re hoping (depending on finances) to go with him next time.]

Well, off to chores…
Sandy Lynn

Hi Sandy,

The spare short needles that I have are double pointed (but they don’t have to be) and I tend to stop the stiches from sliding off using elastic bands. May be you can think of a better way. But that’s what the friend that has lent me those needles suggested.

You might not like Netanya as much anymore (I don’t know when you were here last) because it has recently changed for the worst.

My brothers who live in Syracuse go to a reformed synagogue and I once saw a lady with a kipa there!!! :??

Write to you again soon when I get some more time.

Thank you Tamar!!! :slight_smile:

I made that one in less than one day because it was my SIL’s gift… I decided to make it really easy to remember so whenever my DH asked something I wouldnt mess it up. :slight_smile: If I remember correct I CO 30, and just knit slipping one at the end on every row and purling it at the beginning of the next one. The yarn I used is Bernat Soft Boucle.(I love that yarn, it is sooooo soft!)

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has started the Latifa scarf yet? I’m still only half way done with my 16-year-old’s scarf (I’m really slow), which I promised to do first, but hope to start Latifa by sometime next week.
Sandy Lynn

[Tamar, if you’re there - what did you mean about Netanya? One of my friends who was there recently said there’s alot of development going on - is this what you mean? And not only do women wear kipah - they also become rabbis!]

To Sandy,

I’ve just finished knitting my dad a scarf for his birthday (I’ll soon attach a picture in “What’cha knitting” forum) and I’ve been planning to start Latifa yesterday but have not had a chance with two kids at home (one of them being my husband). I’ll probably only get to sit on it tomorrow when Ronen goes back to work.

Netanya used to be a tourist town 10 or 20 years ago with middle class people (according to my mum). Now it’s run down with very little tourists and lots of poor and common people who do crime and drugs. Some places have been done up by the council like near the beach but the town centre and the surrounding neighborhoods are a sorry sight.

To Sandy (1/18/06)

I forgot to mention. If you haven’t already watched Amy’s “Demo of a small project” video than do so. It is very helpful.

Hi everyone,

I bought this yarn for making Latifa. It’s 100% cotton and is a bit shiny rather than matte (as suggested on the original pattern). Does it matter? Would it still look good with the Koigu wool colour #121 in the middle?


Sandy, I’ve just posted a picture in What’cha knittin’ forum.

This is what I’ve started.

I threaded some spare yarn through the cast on stitches because I’ll be returning to them. Also, where I’ve changed colours I’ve kept the stitches loose too and they’ll be covered up later on with the ruffles.

[Tamar, it’s peculiar - I have been relying on the email notification when someone posts to this thread and though your last post is dated Jan 14, I just got the notification on Feb 2…]

I am almost ready to begin my Latifah scarf. Alex’s scarf is nearly finished, but requires a crocheted edge all around it and first I had to teach myself to crochet. Turns out to do the edging anyway is quite easy, but Alex is asleep now and I don’t want to complete it using the yarn I have on hand until I know she’ll like the colors. It’s a cute scarf with random buttons sewn on for decoration at each end…if I can figure out how, I’ll post a photo in the other forum thread. My knitting is a bit uneven, but the photo probably won’t show that (I hope).

Once it’s done, I’ll probably switch between Latifah and the “Manly” scarft I promised my husband, so I don’t think we’ll be wearing them this winter (I’m soooo slow and it’s been so mild some bulbs are starting to show.)

I appreciate your photos - and hints as you go along…
all the best,
Sandy Lynn

Hi all,
I’ve JUST begun my Latifah scarf and have been thinking about the design. I think instead of equal blocks of colour I may vary the number of rows in a random pattern - making some wider and some more narrow, still putting the ruffle rows between the colors. What do you think?
Sandy Lynn

Dear Sandy,

I have seen a scarf that was knitted using non-equal colour blocks and it’s not too bad when using two colours but I think it would look a bit messy using with three or more. If the ruffles are added in I think it would look even worse.

May be try to draw it first like all clothes designers and that will give a much better idea. I could be completely wrong and it might look really nice!

Another suggestion:
Don’t weave in ends until scarf is completely finished including ruffles because you’ll need to either tighten or loosen stitches.

Also, if you haven’t already bought the shorter needles don’t worry because I think that using a piece of spare thicker yarn may be just as helpful.