Knitwerx wants to pay to be a sponsor here!

I like Knitwerx a lot, so I’m considering it! Knitwerx is a friendly business, with EXCELLENT discounts on yarn. I also like them as an environmentalist: they purchase perfect-quality discontinued yarns. Great yarns that are no longer being made so are harder to move. These would otherwise end up who-knows-where (in a landfill probably! It happens! :shock:). So everyone’s happy; buyer pays less for GREAT yarns, and I can sleep better knowing that they’re not going into a landfill! :happydance:

I like the idea of supporting a worthy business, and I’m only considering it because I think they’re worthy of the attention of folks on this site, and I think you all will like what they offer. I would want this to feel like a benefit and addition to this site, not a detraction to the site. Of course I promise no flashing horrible ads. It would all be tasteful of course! I have no interest in degrading this site.

So I have two questions for you all:

  1. Any objections? If not,
  2. …What should I charge?! :shifty:

Knitter’s Review charges $250 to be the sponsor of their weekly newsletter, which seems steep (that would be $1,000 per month!). I don’t know what kind of exposure KR gives, but we get 60,000 visitors per month here.

well i am not sure “subtle and tasteful” would be befitting this group…especially after the conversations that have made my innocent eyes blush today…lol

as far as what to charge? you have over 1000 members plus many a lurker. I would see if you can find out what the average “click through” rate is for ads that are targetted like this would be. looking at how many people you have who access this site every day who go running to sites that we all find and talk about…i think that even at a fairly small amount per click you are going to get a good amount from them.

now as far as what that amount should be? i have no idea but i would guess there are experts out there somewhere that would know what a fair amount is.

oh well i just read that bottom portion there…hrmmm…

do you know how many of those 60k are unique users?

Here’s an idea (I’m in sales so this comes easy):

You could charge a flat fee per month and keep it low (maybe $100?). Then because the monthly fee is low you could ask for a referral percentage. Anyone that goes from your site to theirs could use a “KnittingHelp” reference code on their order (ex. "How did you hear about us? when they check out). The percentage is up to you based on the size of business that you think you could give them.

Or you could do a combination: Minimum of $100 (or whatever you choose) and when your percentage goes over that amount the minimum is waived. For example: slow months are $100 no matter what; let’s say it’s a good month and you’re percentage would bring you $150, the $100 minimum is then waived.

Might be worth it since you have a ton of visitors, you reference free patterns, post free help videos AND your people like to shop! :smiley:
If I had an online yarn shop I would definitely want to sponsor/advertise here!

Wow, thanks Suzie, that’s a great idea. I’ll have to think about the logistics, but I like the idea of her only paying more if she’s getting the traffic from it.

Brendajos, I don’t know how many are unique users. 60,000 is the number of “sessions” I have per month. So, it’s not how many people, but how many times someone comes for visit to the site, counting them just once for the duration of their stay. Page views are in the millions, so exposure of her ad would be excellent.

I will definitely feature her in the free patterns section, where people are considering projects to make, and need yarn for them! I get 11,000 sessions per month to the main navigation page of the free patterns section, and many more hits within the free patterns pages.

I just emailed Clara Parks of Knitter’s Review to find out what kind of exposure she gets for her ads, which cost $250 per week. That should help me get a sense of what’s fair…

Advertising is expensive Amy. If you want to offer advertisements on your site, remember that it is a valuable option for you, especially with the amount of visitors you get. At the same time, banners and ads are often annoying for visitors, so it’s a toss up.

Whatever you do, don’t short change yourself. Charge at least $250 a month, at the very least. The more exposure you give them, the more you should charge them. Unless they want to offer you discounts or kickbacks, then you can negotiate different terms with them.

Personally, I usually hate ads on websites, but I wouldn’t have a problem with ads here. Ads for viagra are one thing, ads for great knitting shops are quite another. :wink:

I agree with Silver. You have a great site and you can charge as much as you want because you have the numbers to back it up.

I like the idea of mixing the percentage with the minimum fee because you never know how big a store could get. Just look at KnitPicks for example, a few members mentioned them and now more people are posting their recent purchases from them. I never even heard of them before I came here. If you work that percentage in from the beginning it only benefits you both.

I placed an order with them already from the post the other day!

THIS might help. It is the site stat info from…they put a small link to it in the lower left hand corner. They also list there advertising rates HERE. I know at this point they get more traffic than KH, but at least it is one more comparison.

I think a few ads would be great as long as they aren’t too obtrusive. What a wonderful way for you to recoup some of the expense from your labor of love.

I know nothing about advertising, but CONGRATS, Amy!!

My only request is that you negotiate a nice fat discount for KH administration (including your moderators, of course). :shifty:

Amy, I co-own/administrate a website for homeschoolers (I’m the people half, my friend is the techy half). It’s a smaller scale than KH (tho not exactly small). I can tell you that we depend on our business advertiser’s, as well as those who subscribe to our site for the benifit of advertising their used curriculum in a used curriculum forum, to pay our site’s bills.

We sell business advertiser space on our business advertiser page for a relatively small rate, and charge considerably more for banner ads, placed at the top of our home page, and other pages.

We do not allow our posters (those who post in our forums) to post links to their business webpages (if they have them) in the threads, or in their signatures. If they sell products similar to the products being offered by our business advertisers who are paying to advertise., it is hardly fair to those who are paying for that benefit. Granted, the biz ads are on a special designated page, but still, it seemed to create a conflict of interest.

I don’t think that would be a problem for you at this stage, but you might consider the ramifications of accepting paid advertisements in the future, and having the Buy/Sell/Swap forum, or even allowing blog links in signaturelines, if those blogs are offereing products for sell, as they are basically receiving free advertising, while others may be paying for it.

Since I just recently joined, I feel I don’t really have much say, but why not advertise? Won’t that help pay for the site? (rhetorical - no need to answer!) For me, it’s the pop-ups and flashing ads that are distracting and drive me crazy. I think Knitwertx has tasteful ads. (No affliation) As for price, I have no clue!

Whatever you decide is okay with me.


BTW - I have no affiliation with Knitwex, but I’ve seen their ads. (I don’t know how to revise my previous post)


hmm would depend on exactly how the advertising shows up, IMHO. but as far as a fee, I figure that you could have them cover the cost of the board and site per month, or a percentage of it. Possibly get a “click-through” referral payment as well. I could possibly think of a discount program for the advertising, that would be available to all of KH’s members, but $100/mo is definitely reasonable to ask. Would it be something that I use? most likely.

To tell you the truth, (not that I haven’t been :)) you could also work out a small percentage of sales through them in terms of affiliate sales. basically referrals to their site.

So to sum up, Amy, it really depends on your needs.

It would be great if you could negotiate a discount for people who go to knitwerx from this one. Hopefully this will entice other people to advertise too! (like knitpicks!!!) Congratulations, you deserve it after all of the hard work you do here.

Congrats, Amy!

My reservations…would we, as posters, have to tone down our postings more than normal? I know we do get a bit hairy once in a while (and by we, I mean a choice few…we know who we are), but I think we pretty much keep it in the parameters you feel comfortable with.

Another question…would this limit you in anyway for your own free content, ours, and things we’d want to put in the buy/sell/swap forum?

ON the other hand…it’s your site. I know that you’ll do whats right. It’s nice to be included on such a big decision, though!


I just wonder how this is going to change KH? Does this mean there will be popups AND will the people who advertise on here be able to see our email address & use them to send spam?

Anne, fear not I WILL NOT allow pop-up ads (YUCK!), or even visually distracting ads, like flashing ads, that’s horrible. And absolutely NOT, no advertisers will be spamming you!

Denise, don’t worry about toning down anything.
I am not going to put any kinds of restrictions on our PERFECT forum, let it be as it is! As far as folks mentioning other businesses on the forum, Rennagayle, that’s not something I’d restrict either.

Advertisers would be here for your benefit, not your burden! Or they shouldn’t be here! That’s my opinion about it. If that ever doesn’t feel like the case, then let me know! I don’t want to do anything to lessen your experience here, that would break my heart.

Amy, I am so HAPPY to read your response regarding spam, popups, etc.

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :cheering:

Like I said, I knew you’d do the right thing, but alas I’d never sleep if I didn’t ask! OCD, ya think?

Amy…I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…YOU ROCK!