Knitwerx wants to pay to be a sponsor here!

Almost forgot…

You know what would REALLY put my mind at ease? I mean…I’m virtually like, a charter member. Well…okay that’s stretching it, but you know what I’m sayin. I’m at the very least a VIP…It’s not like I have almost 3,000 posts or anything eyeballs Kelly and Hildie BUT I do consider myself a yarn snob.

Having said that, I’m not sure if I could feel completely comfortable with these folks havin adspace without testing the yarn. And don’t yarn co’s hand out demo-samples to VIPs? AHEM! So like, uh does this site got about 300 balls to fork over (290 for the first 290 members, 10 for me)? With all those click-thrus they’re gonna get, I bet it would be like peanuts to them!

Isnt rationalizing FUN, Deni??? :cheering:

That’s not rationalizing, babe…that’s pure FACT!

You’d be suprised how much wholesale cost is for yarn…I definitely was! I don’t get the impression KnitWerx is any different really than an LYS, it just happens to be online.

Amy, we can all see that you have brains as well as beauty. I trust you’ll figure out the right things to do.

I forgot to say, CONGRATULATIONS. It’s obvious to us all here how great this site is, and what an impact it has upon the cyber knitting community. Now, it appears others are noticing it as well. It may be only a matter of time before you are contacted by others. We all know you have the :heart: for maintaining the integrity of this site, while yet allowing it to prosper into a very successful business! :cheering:

I meant about THIS:

:cheering: Thanks so much for your support everyone!! The more I think about this, the more excited I get!

Kemp, THANK YOU for that info on Knitty’s system, it’s just what I needed!

Now that I’m thinking of this more, I can see how I could work it out to all of our liking with more than one advertiser. That would be more great stores to check out, less expensive rates for advertisers, and also, MORE POTENTIAL YARN GIVEAWAYS! :happydance:

You know, seriously… :eyebrow: it may not be a bad idea to try to work out some yarn-testing priveleges for forum members. It would be a guaranteed way to create a buzz on the forum about their store! The only quandry I’d face, is who gets to be the lucky one to test the yarn?..

Pick me! Pick Me! :happydance:

Realistically you could get all of the members who are interested and have a drawing for each giveaway item to test.

Amy, that’s wonderful :thumbsup: ! Even if you wanted ads with bells and whistles I don’t think it would deter anyone of us from coming here and I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you!
The way I see it , this is your baby and you can raise it however you want. And who couldn’t use extra money?! In my very 1st post to you, I had said I was amazed that you weren’t benefitting monetarily for all the wonderful information here. Your offering us all a great service. A place to learn and hang out. You should absolutely benefit from this site 100 percent! We’re in America girl! Now you just Go!