Knitty Surprises

…[size=6][/size]have been posted![size=3][/size] :cheering:

Everyone in creation must be trying to look at those. I got that email too, and the site is soooooo slooooooow right now!

they were really slow to load, and after all of that waiting, I’m dissapointed. IMHO, that skirt is yuck, the baby shirt could be cute, but it’s not a style that I think is appropriate for babies, and the tea cozy is just not something I would make.

The skirt belongs on You Knit What. The baby shirt is adorable, but I’d rather have one in my size. The tea cosy…I’m not even going to touch that.

Where are they?

I think we all got the email at the same time… they loaded eventually for me (Jan - at the top where the patterns are listed at the top)

actually heres the snip from the mail:

  • A crazy skirt from Pinpilan Wangsai that demands proper accessorization
    [accessory notes are in the pattern]

  • An adorable baby halter from Tisra Fadely, for babies in warmer climates

  • And a real coup – a special felted tea cosy pattern, designed especially for
    Knitty by Kristin Nicholas…knitted and embroidered in an irresistable array of

Even with my cable internet, I can’t get the pics to load! Maybe I’ll try again later. :wink:

Okay, I see them now. That baby shirt is really cute, but that skirt and tea cozy?

I think what’s “suprising” is that someone actually knit it. Ack!

The shirt is cute, the skirt is ICK and I actually really like the tea cozy!!! I don’t drink tea though so can’t see myself ever knitting it.

My thoughts exactly. To the word, the moment the picture loaded.
I don’t really like the baby top either. Halter tops on babies are weird. One in my size would be cute, provided I wasn’t as chesty as I am. I haven’t been able to wear strapless things since the ninth grade. :rollseyes:
I thought that the idea of a felted tea cosy was neat, and I would consider making one based (loosely) on the design there. However, since I don’t actually use teapots to let my tea steep, it’s sort of a moot point. I thought the polka dots were… not cute.

Overall, I’m disappointed with this month’s surprises. But I am going to knit a Nautie, since they’re adorable. That would have made an awesome surprise.

Alright now poeple, I’ll give you the skirt as a major :fingerwag: and the little shhirt on the baby is cute. But I like the tea cozy. Call me old fashion or whatever but I like tea cozies. I don’t know if I would actually knit it but if Kelly made one and she invited me over for tea and had that czy I would tell her how lovely it is. :inlove:

I quite like the tea cosy =P My mum might use that - she’s the only person I know in the world who uses a tea cosy!

The top for the baby is cute too - I dunno it doesn’t bother me that its a halter top for a baby.

The skirt… well it’s pretty err interesting? =P I know several people where I work who would love that and wear it but IMO they have the strangest taste in clothing. Whatever floats your fashion sense I guess =P

I love the halter top for a little one. The skirt and cozy on the other hand :doh: Not so much.

What a huge disappointment! That skirt is really awful, who could it possibly flatter? And an ELASTIC WAIST??! :shock: And I am sort of repulsed by that baby halter with the triangle bodice… the sex-objectification of children just keeps scooping to new lows. Yes, I’d wear it, but I am an adult woman with a choice of how I want to display my body. Shame on Knitty for publishing it!! :mad: The tea cozy is fine, I’d just never make it or use it.

Errm. Sorry to be so outspoken, but, well… I waited almost 2 months for THIS?? :wall:

I think the baby halter is really cute! I don’t see that it’s inappropriate… maybe I would feel differently if I had children…

I guess I don’t see a problem with the halter because, well, I’ve seen a lot of little girl babies running around with NO shirts on, so how is covering them worse? I really doubt the person writing the pattern thought, “hey, we should make girl babies sex objects!” or anything; I think it was more likely, “what can I knit for a baby that will be cool?” and, face it, backless cotton shirts are cool.
But I don’t have children, so feel free to tell me I don’t understand and am part of the problem.

I don’t mean to sound so judgmental about it, I don’t have kids either and I certainly don’t think anyone here is part of any problem. :heart:

It is indeed totally okay for little girls to wear no shirts, but when they are dressed in clothing styles that look like adult styles, especially ones that would be deemed sexy and alluring if an adult were wearing them, I get skeeved by it. The backless triangle halter would be sending a clear message if I wore it, so what message is being sent by putting it on a baby? Ya see what I mean?

I love the little halter, I might make one for my youngest.

The tea cozy I don’t really like and the skirt is hideous! The shape of it looks like it would make your butt appear huge.

i understand the feelings about the clothing these days for little girls are far too influenced by adult women’s clothing… but i love that little tank! I’d love to make it for my friend’s baby. I think it is nice because is nice and loose. much more hippie-like than hooker-like. :rofling:

and GOOD GRIEF is that skirt atrocious!!!