My super duper easy Knit mary janes (all done in stockinette) if you say 5 stitchs is an inch, cast on 30 stitches, then go until you reach from your heal to the tip of your biggest toe, then knit 2 together for 2 rows, and cast off then sew em up! (found this one on

Very cool! :thumbsup:

[size=2]There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home![/size]

(oh and by the way these were made with my left over harry potter scarf yarn :slight_smile: ) :heart:

:smiley: THOSE ARE TOO CUTE :thumbsup:

That’s awesome! I’ve been wondering how I could knit some of those little socks that leave the tops of your feet bare for some of the shoes I wear to work and I think I could make these without the little strap! Thanks for the idea! :smiley:

I thought of ruby slippers when I saw them, too!

That is a terrific project for leftover yarn! Imagine how cute you could make them with funky yarn and buttons. Yours remind me of the “goodbye yellow brick road” booties. Absolutely cool.

Those are awesome! Would be a great project to use up extra yarn :slight_smile:

Oh, those are too cute! I definitely need to put those on my to-do list! :thumbsup:

Those already Are on my To do list. lol :smiley:

Great job, they look great. Did you Icord the strap?

:heart: :heart: :heart: these!! They’re definitely on my to do list now!! Thank you! :cheering:

Cute and very comfy looking!

no the stap isnt icord I am a huge failure about icord I still totally dont get it and I cant seem to find a website that will work for me in understanding it.

THose are awsome !!! Do you have a link to the pattern ? I can’t seem to find it. Did you make a buttonhole for the button or does the strap always stay where it is?


the strap is sewn on so the button is just for looks, no button whole needed. the gage of the yarn I used was 5 stitchs = an inch if that helps, but honestly this is too easy to mess up you dont really need a pattern, just cast on to the width you want and go until to reach the toe, then knit 2 together (of every stitch) for 2 rows. remember just to the toe, no further it doesnt fold over and down you sew up the sides as far down as you want them to be, then add a strap, or not depending on how you like it. I did mine in stockinette but they can be done in any stitch really. I made some for my fiance, but forgetting the stap and adding in a square of ribbing which made them wider and more manly. (I will post a picture later)

[size=6][color=blue]coolies !!! Gonna try em tonight !!![/color][/size]

Here’s a question. When you decided on your width … what did you measure on your foot? All the way around? I’m confused on where to start lol. THanks a bunch !!

They look great!

How cute! Your very own set of ruby slippers.

Very Nice…I love them! :happydance:

Very Nice…I love them! :happydance: