Knitting while reading: a dangerous skill

Hey everyone! Someone suggested that I should try to knit without looking at it quite so much, to avoid straining eyesight. Well I’ve been practicing it on a pair of simple, basic socks for the past few days and I’m getting pretty decent at it, especially on endless rounds of stockinette.

But I just tried it and realized something: I can knit while reading!! Maybe I shouldn’t have discovered this skill, because it’s really dangerous: I’ll never leave the house now!!! Combining reading and knitting, I don’t think anything could get better! And this will be a great way to study at school AND get in knitting time: I can be reading about composers, study music literature, practice French verb conjugation, all while knitting sweet socks and other simple designs!!!

I’m willing to bet that a lot of people could do this, and they either already do and haven’t told me about it yet, or are about to discover one of the greatest joys in life. :slight_smile:

I still can’t knit while playing piano, but let’s not rule it out: Bugs Bunny played Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2 with only six toes… :teehee: Well maybe I can’t have everything.

Anyhow, I’m off to go finish the last Harry Potter book. And a pair of socks. At the same time. :happydance:

I just wish I could do it, that would be the perfect way to spend my free time. Unfortunately, I’m not only too much of a klutz to do both, I tend to get so totally engrossed in my books, I lose track of most everything.

Oh my, you are talented! I wish I could because knitting and reading are my two favorite things.

I can’t even knit and talk at the same time! My DH will ask me a question and I will say, in a very panicked voice, ‘not now, I’m knitting!’

Maybe one day I’ll be advanced enough to join the group of knitters-who-can-do-other-things-while-knitting.

Do you have something to hold the book open?

I can do several stitches and then I look to make sure I haven’t made a mistake. I don’t do it while reading though. I prefer to have my whole mind involved in the book. :wink:

It never occurred to me not to knit while reading. I just started knitting the first time while I was reading and then noticed that I liked knitting. Never let it be said that I’m sane. I suppose it helps that I was learning to knit from a book.

Anyways, I’ve progressed to the point where I put my chart next to the computer and browse the forums while knitting. Or read fanfiction. It’s loads of fun.

I can knit and read if it’s really simple knitting and I’m reading on the computer screen or something I don’t have to hold open. I’ve tried to figure out how to hold a book with my feet, but I get frustrated. :teehee:
I’m still convinced I’ll someday teach myself to type with my toes while knitting.

I can knit and read as long as I don’t need to hold the book open (or I can read a computer screen). It’s actually a rather restful way to do work reading.

I can knit garter or stockinette while reading, but I stick to fanfiction and blogs - something I don’t have to hold open. DVDs are also good for knitting.

Okay, I am literally LOL!! :roflhard: You guys are too funny. You still have to put down the needles to eat, don’t you? And here I thought I was doing really well because I can watch tennis matches on TV while knitting. My skill level is so far below yours I may never catch up. :notworthy:

I put a book holder on a lap desk and knit. At least I used to! This is me now:

I use a cookbook holder on a lapdesk. At least I used to. This is me now, unable to knit!


Audiobooks for me. Though I can read and knit without a problem; rather not take my hands off the knitting to turn the page.


But doesn’t stopping to turn the page frustrate the tar out of you? I get into such a rhythm knitting that I don’t want to stop. I do read a lot of blogs since I scroll down with my toes.

Red, what I’d REALLY like to do is knit while driving…with my feet…if I could learn that skill. LOL! Even if I DID master that, I can imagine trying to explain to a cop.
:flirt: LOL!

As far as reading while knitting, I’d like to do that, but how do you keep the book open? That’s MY problem. Aside from my study Bible which is large enough to stay open I can’t figure how to keep Yarn Harlot open while knitting.

I’m more like Jan in CA as long as it is not cable or aran knitting (I need to concentrate there) I’ll knit a few stitches while not looking if I have something else visually distracting me, then check it. However, I like to concentrate on my book or magazine when I am reading; although, I do sometimes listen to audiobooks when knitting go figure. :???: Also, when I take mass transit I tend to focus on my knitting. :knitting:

Funny though you should mention it, I was reading an article on knot tying once and the author made mention that when books were supplied to seamen knot tying went down; however, when they started listening to radio shows knot tying went back up (I would like to note that this took place during the early to mid-portion of the previous century). :eyes: To each his own.

Yeah, I can sit Indian-style and use my feet to hold it open. My Bible holds itself open, so it’s not really a problem with that. I don’t mind turning the page - I don’t have to take the needles out of my hands or the yarn off my fingers, I just stop knitting for a sec to flip. I don’t get frustrated with disrupting my knitting rhythm because I’m concentrating more on the book, kind of. Like, I have only done it so far with knitting stockinette around a sock, so it’s not like I do anything very complicated. But it’s working really well for me. If there’s a problem with the knitting or a difficult part, I stop reading and fix it. But while it’s smooth sailing, I can read on :slight_smile: Just wanted to share!

I can knit and chew gum at the same time! :roflhard:

I love doing that, exept I have to be careful!

I bought a book weight from Walter Drake catalog just for this purpose. I also listen to books on CD or tape while I’m knitting. Sometimes it is fun to multitask!!!