Knitting tote advice

I am starting to look for a knitting tote ( as plasic bags aren’t cutting it anymore and I now know I will keep knitting and not just a flight of fancy). But there are so many choices. Does any one have any advice on what to look for or any that they would recommend. I would like a bigger tote so I keep enough supplies for multiple projects. Thanks in advance for any help.

First thought: Gee, they have totes that are [I]specifically[/I] made for knitters, and people actually spend money on them?

What I use: plastic bags, free cloth totes, plastic bags, paper sacks, plastic bags, any container I can find, and plastic bags!

As you can imagine, my recommendation is to use a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LARGER PLASTIC BAG! :slight_smile:

Wow, I must be so behind the times, but no fancy tote means I can buy more yarn, yes?

I hope you find for what you are looking (to be grammatically correct and yet still sound like an idiot).

If you’re going to carry it around with you, some reasonably sized canvas tote with interior pockets works well. And did someone say plastic bag? They fit easily into other totes and keep projects separate and clean.

For individual projects, I buy a couple of boxes of Hefty 2-gallon size clear zipper plastic bags. The plastic is thick enough to not rip as easily as the flimsy shopping bags.

For something bigger, I bought one of the JoAnn Fabrics tote bags for only $1.99!!! I do a lot of my clothes shopping at the local Goodwill store and they ALWAYS have tons of bags that would make great knitting bags.

My husband laughs at me, since I’ve always been a tote-bag “fanatic” and will buy a tote bag or pick up free ones any and everywhere I go!!


I use those $1 totes which stores here sell all over the place, trying to encourage shoppers to stop using plastic.
I put one project in each. Some are made of sturdier fabric than others.

Green one from the pet store:

Pink one is plasticized paper, came free from my LYS with a yarn purchase.

Black one from our local health food store (nice heavy cotton):

I suggest putting like yarns (brand, color, weight) in clear zip lock bags. It keeps the yarn together and allows you to be able to read the labels/weights etc. These bags can then go into totes, drawers and shelves for long term keeping/storage.

To take “in progress” projects with you, small tote bags are great. Any bag will work (home-made, stor bought, for knitting, for some other purpose) Just consider its size, opening (ease and size), straps/handles and pockets. Exterior pockets are helpful for needles, accesories and directions. A long enough strap(s) to carry the bag over your shoulder is useful. I still keep some plastic bags in there. That way you’re working ball of yarn can sit in the plastic bag for easier pullability (yarns don’t pull out of fabric totes/bags well) and your yarn will stay clean if sitting on a floor, table, bench, ground etc.

For me personally - I like a flat bottom so it stands on it’s own, a zip top, plenty of room. Pockets are nice, but I keep a gadget bag inside so the pockets aren’t absolutely necessary. I also like the bag itself to be light weight.

What I’m using now is a bag my friend brought me from Hawaii (ABC Stores). I have the black one -,1318.html

These type of bags are everywhere though. Some people prefer a bag that looks more like a purse, some like a tote bag.

Thank you for all the ideas. Plastic grocery bags keep ripping so I will switch to ziploc until I find a cloth bag that I like ( an excuse to buy another bag or two to add to my collection).

I use ziploc bags quart size and up to hold projects. Any carry along project ziplocs go in a grocery tote. 2 gal. ziplocs are awesome for storing yarn, as are plastic storage bins. My wonderful husband understands that my yarn stash is actually yarn savings for my entertainment during retirement. :wink:

I like a bag with handles because they are so much easier to take with you than something like ziplocs. I have stored things at home in a ziploc, but only if I’m going to put it down for awhile…as in it needs a time out because it’s been being naughty. :teehee:

I got a Vera Bradley purse, actually 2, for Christmas. I’m using the smaller tote for my purse and the larger one for my knitting. It’s plenty large for maybe 3 projects, though I only have one at the moment. But I used a basic fabric tote that we got free somewhere when I was knitting a few years ago. It’s in the basement now with an old crocheted blanket I was working on.

I recommend getting a larger size grocery bag tote that most stores sell. They should only be a dollar or two. Sometimes you can get them for free some places.

Hope you find something that works for you.

I’m gonna go out on a limb…don’t shoot me…but my favorite knitting bag is the Green Mountain knitting bag.

Here is my favorite design , the SNOWPOND BAG (she makes a dozen styles). I like the Snowpond because the sides can be “cuffed” making it into a knitting bowl as well. It has inside pockets.

My 2nd favorite style is the CARPET BAG:

These are my only two Green Mountain Knitting Bags. I used to own several more, but sold them…because I was using these two [U]all the time[/U]…and the other bags were just holding yarn, looking pretty…all dressed up with nowhere to go! Her knitting bags can become an obsession!

So I sold them to knitters who would use them! They’re too nice to be ‘yarn holders’!

My two bags are average in size. She makes BIG BAGS, and even small bags.
And I do believe she does custom orders, too.

Green Mountain Knitting Bags

The NAMASTE knitting bags are nice, but they are heavy to start with. I take a Namaste to my knitting guild meetups. It can sit on the floor without worry of someone dumping their latte over and running off the table!

The Green Mountain knitting bags are lightweight, and organic! I love them. I use them mostly at home, and our [U]home-away-from-home[/U] up in the mountains, Camp Nighthawk Summit. Love to use my Snow Pond in the cab of my husband’s truck, too, during the 6-hrs drive.

I use this god awful pearlized pink purse that my sister gave me. I wouldn’t use it for a purse, but my knitting makes it look better!

Ravelry has heaps of tote patterns, making one yourself would be a fun project for the future. Its definately on my knitting to do list. :knitting:

ArtLady1981 thank you I like both green mountain and namaste. I haven’t found many cheap bags I like the look of like those two brands and one other brand. I was leaning more towards namaste because green mountain bags seem like they would be hard to get and double the price. but now I might have to try and watch on thursday to see what she lists.

A big BIG vote for the Swift by Tom Bihn:

I have it in Olive/Linen, and it is fantastic. Very roomy but not huge, with two zippered clear pockets for easy-to-see storage, rings to clip stuff sacks to (it comes with one, but you may want lots), and very durable, attractive and easy to keep clean.

Oh no! I feel a bag relapse coming on! This is a fabulous knitting bag!

I love the Hemp/Cardinal version!

I know! That is my favorite as well. It makes me wish I waited to buy one until that color came out.

Holey Moley! The TOM BIHN store is just a few miles from my house!

There was a pretty good video on The Swift page. A lady took time to post a review of The Swift. She didn’t have the video camera positioned real good, but it was still okay.

Did you see the “cork” Swift? It’s awfully nice as well, although I don’t know if it’s worth the extra $50, selling at $140. Ouch. Plus, would it be more fragile?

I’m gonna call the store and ask which fabric choices they have on display. It would be nice to touchy-feelie the various fabric choices.

It looks like a very functional bag! Beautiful, but not girlie.

i use any canvas bag and make sure you put point protectors on your needles . or any other sharp object like scissors that way you will not rip your bags or put holes in them. get an easy to carry one that is not to heavy because once you start carrying around your ufo’s you will find that this bag gets loaded down with scissors. needled, patterns, pencils note book, measuring tape, nail file, hand lotion oh forgot you just asked about the bags. good luck