knitting separate pieces to join

I am knitting a sweater. Knit 7 rows ‘cut yarn and set aside’.
Do I put stitches on stitch hoder?
“Knit 7 rows (again), then knit across both pieces and join in the round”

Can I just knit them all at once in the round instead of in two separate pieces?

Thank you

Yes. Just keep in mind you’ll have to purl every other round in order to get the garter stitch you’d get from knitting all rows flat.

Welcome, I totally agree with rcubed however you do not say which part of the sweater you are working on. If it is the bottom of the back and the front it might be a design element or it might be instead of shaping.

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Sounds like possibly a split hem? What is the name of your pattern?

Sorry, that isn’t quite what I meant, The pattern tells me to knit 90 sts, 7 rows, cut and put aside.

Then, knit another 90 sts. 7 rows, and then knit across them, creating a join.

I would like to knit 180 stitches in the round and then do it all for 7 rows. Would that work?

It doesn’t look like it in the picture but that could be the explanation. It is #450 Purlless Pullover in Valley Yarns

Very nice!

Some of the projects show the hem.

You can work the split hem or not as you wish.

Thank you - that is tremendously helpful. What I am trying is to knit the two parts separately, but on one circular needle, joining them after 7 rows. I am not all that experienced but I have thought it through and I think this will give the opening in the pictures you are showing, without me having to ‘store’ the first 90 stitches.

Wish me luck!

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Just a suggestion, if you begin both sets of 90 with different balls of yarn working on the circular needle but back and forth for 7 rows (as you reach end of row of first piece drop the yarn pick up second yarn ball and knit row on second piece to end, turn work to work row 2 etc) then after the 7 rows when you turn you continue with one ball and just leave the other dropped to weave in later (or weave in as you knit), this would join the two sections.

I knit sleeves both at the same time working back and forth with 2 balls of yarn.

Thank you for your helpful comments. I have done a variation of what you have suggested.

I knit 90 stitches, and did the required seven rows, cut the yarn,

I then cast on another 90 stitches on the same circular needle and did the seven rows. Without cutting that yarn, I knit them all in one line.

This is a wonderful forum and people like you are so generous with your time and knowledge.

Best, Janice


Great you worked out a way you were happy with. If I’d done it that way I probably would have ended up casting on in the wrong direction.
What you’ve done works and saved you from moving all those stitches which is great.

Yes I am very grateful to this site too.