Knitting hurts?

Okay so, I know right now in my life, just about everything hurts. Joints, ribs, breathing, eating, sleeping, etc. I had previously been able to just sit down in the evening and knit and not think about what the baby was doing to cause the latest hurt.

Two days ago, I finished the left glove of the Fetching pattern. Yesterday, I immediately cast on for the right glove so as not to succumb to SGS (second glove syndrome?). I got through one…ONE!..round before I had to stop. My fingers were killing me. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t knit with dpns in oh 3 or 4 years, or if I’m holding them wrong, or if I knit the darn thing too quickly…

Tonight, after letting my hands rest for almost 24 hours, I picked it up again, and got through maybe 10 rounds this time before having to stop. At this rate, I’m not going to finish in time to start the Dashing set for my dad before Christmas.

Is there anything I can do to stop my fingers from hurting everytime I pick up my needles now?

There probably isn’t much to do until you have the baby–likely there’s some swelling going on. Have you tried flexing and stretching you fingers every few rounds?

If they still keep hurting, didn’t you say Emily Elizabeth was learning to knit? :teehee:

I’m still nursing my right index finger…using it to help push stitches off the needle takes its toll after a bit. :doh:

Early on (only under a year ago), when I had recently began knitting, I hurt my wrist. I still can’t put a lot of weight on it. My Crab Soccer career would be over! The bright side is, outside of high school, one can’t play crab soccer. :frowning: LOL. I do love playing that sport, somehow.


Perhaps I should see a dr. about it, since it persists?

I just saw one today, but only for a quick referral. I’ll have to make a new app with my laundry list OY!

Anyway, since your post was not about questioning whether knitting hurts, which brought up a cute story in my mind (well, the game is cute?)… anyway… apologies…

You’ll do better next Christmas, from what I hear about pregnancy. Who knew?

Good luck.

can you tell me where to post a question?

You can post questions in the “How To” section of the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies everyone (crab soccer…sounds interesting).

Apparently, it’s not just limited to knitting. I’m having trouble with crochet now too. I figured the switch from needles to hooks would give my fingers a bit of a rest, but I couldn’t get far on that either.

I sat on the couch for about 30 min watching DH play his xbox before he stopped and asked me if I was a bit twitchy. I realized then that I’d been rocking back and forth a little and changing positions way too often. I picked up the sock I’m doing on circs and said to hell with the pain. I’m not sure if it was the smaller needles (size 1 vs size 6 dpns) or what, but it didn’t hurt too bad. DH thinks it’s due to the weather and says he always gets sore joints in the winter.

If it were only sore finger joints I’d agree, but it’s more tissue pain. I think I’m holding the needles (the dpns) too tightly. Oh well. Fetching should be done in the next day or so and after blocking, I’ll give myself a few days before starting Dashing.

Jenny, I have the same kind of pain. And tremors as well. So, I know how you feel. My entire left side is weak, and gets sore and numb very easily.

I have to limit my computer and piano and knitting time some days. When I sleep at night, I hold a pillow in front of me, so my arms and hands will be straight overnight. Otherwise, I curl them up under my neck, and they get sore in that position. Occasionally, I have to wear an arm brace as well.

Ice packs also help, when the pain gets really bad. And ibuprofen.

Wish I could take ibuprofen. But I had a gastric bypass 2 years ago and NSAIDS are strictly no-nos. Motrin and Advil work so much better than Tylenol, but that’s all I can take. Add in the baby and I’m pretty much stuck with Tylenol for…um ever.

I think it has something to do with the dpns (and crochet hooks) and the way I’m holding them. The cable rows on the Fetching gloves can get tight and having to manuever the 4 needles + a cable needle is awkward.

It could just be you are being effected more than usual by some fun horomone. The horomone that makes your skin more elastic to help make room for baby, gets more prominent the closer to your due date. This can be bad for your joints all over your body, because it makes them more flexible too, when all you really need it for is… pushing out the baby… :teehee:

… being slightly more flexible can make you feel looser…this can cause you to hurt yourself… So you may have to hold things tighter now to feel like your holding them right… but then with tiny needles… it could really hurt.

I’m not sure if it made sense or not. lol.

Could be ya just stressed the muscles and tendons in your hands and fingers. Taking three days off from any knitting, crochet, or anything else that puts undo strain on them should allow them time enough to heal.

I was working on my Einstein coat which is heavy work with Lopi. I decided to make this reading-in-bed shrug, which is an easy lace… somewhat easy.

But I bought plastic Bryspuns for the first time, size 8, and the work just floated through my fingers, no effort whatsoever. I really love working on those and working loose… I’m looking for another project to get back to them. My right arm hurts when I work with the Lopi and tighter knitting so I have to take breaks. Tiny needles might not be good for you right now either.

Think loose. Try bigger (needles).
Try plastic Bryspuns.

Here’s a really good pressure point for any type of lower arm or hand pain:

Bend your elbow slightly to find the uppermost end of the crease inside your elbow. Now move your finger from that point, about 1" down the top of the forearm as if following a line from that point toward your index (pointer) finger. Your finger should seem to fall into a hole. Now apply as much pressure as you can (without causing pain) with your opposite thumb, either directly or rotating your thumb in small circles. The point will be REALLY sore and achy when you press it, but in a good way. It helps loosen up the muscles in the forearm, and can even reduce swelling around the joints and tendons (which many women experience while pregnant.)

Hope that feels better!

Eat foods that are natural antiinflammatories such as walnuts, olive oil, whole grain (different than whole wheat), salmon… Cut out fatty red meats, sugars, and junk foods (these are pro-inflammatories). Since you are preggers and can’t take medication, you try these natural ways to cut inflammation. Also - DRINK your water and plenty on low fat milk. :slight_smile:

I think alot of it has to do with how I’m holding the needles and how tightly. It’s not really the size of the dpns…they’re size 6, not too tiny, and I have no trouble on my size 1 circs for socks.

I’m going with the theory that joints are looser because of the baby and stiffer because of the cold. If that makes any sense. I also think there could be muscle or tendon issues since I haven’t used dpns in a long time.

I’m just going to let my hands be my guide and stop when it hurts. I’ve got plenty of projects I can switch to, between knitting, crochet, and cross stitch…and if it gets really bad, I can always read a book.

Remember, even when it looks like you’re not making anything, you’re making something Very Important…or rather someONE! When your hands can’t knit, the rest of you is still hard at work on Emily :slight_smile:
You’re probably right about the looser joints aching from the cold. While your hands are limber, try knitting yourself a nice pair of handwarmers. Warm fingers bend better!

Spaghetti in Brooklyn! (I’m in Manhattan)

I just tried that but I keep finding different sore points, and am wondering exactly where it should be… on the inside of the arm or on the outside? Uppermost crease, I’m not sure where that is. I think you mean on the top of the arm, right?
I already feel some good stuff though! thanks for the tip…

Yes, the top of the arm, just below the elbow. Put your arm on a desk or table, palm down, elbow bent. Now out your other hand just an inch or so down from the bend. To check if you’re on the right spot, bend the hand that’s on the table up and back and you should feel the muscle flex. That’s the spot. Squeeze and massage all up and down your lower arm, inner and outer, and it should feel somewhat better. Wouldn’t hurt to do the same to the other arm, too.

My mother in law does alot of reflexology. I think I might ask her about it when we go for Christmas. The pain is not showing up as much as the other night now. DH did notice while I was working on a bib that I keep clenching my jaw. I had to assure him that I was in fact enjoying myself and not ready to throw the stupid thing across the room.