Knitting hurts?

I think it is tension. You are tense to finish all this stuff you have on the go right now and every time you pick up those needles you are reflecting this with grippin the needles to tightly (I know that is what I am doing so I think you are too). Give it some thought. I’m sure you’ll agree!

I had weird muscle/joint pain when I was ‘baking’ my Emily, too. Must be the name! She’s still a pain in the neck… :slight_smile: Nah, she’s a great kid, really. The weird pains did go away after I had her, though.

If you massage the right spot properly (and FIRMLY),your middle finger will sort of “jump” as you massage. It’s the tendon that runs along there that tends to get inflamed (which is what tendonitis is).

Thanks Sue! I really need to do this more, it feels so good too.