Knitting Help T-shirts?

Nuno posted a thread to another site that has great knitting T-shirts, and I thought, hey, why not have T-shirts? There are places that make them “on demand” and ship them out and everything. They also make bags, mugs, mouse pads, lunch boxes, etc.! Wouldn’t that be fun?! :smiley:

Anyway, any ideas for slogans or icons? I could use several. They can say on the back, and something clever on the front. Or just with different images or concepts. Let’s brainstorm!

Hey, while we’re at it…
I’ll eventually be replacing the two-balls-of-yarn over the logo, with either a better yarn photo, or some other knitting icon. If anyone has any inspirations for images, let me know! I also welcome actual photo submissions, photos of yarn and needles that might look good, or whatever you think of.


If you notice someone’s idea is used by another knitting site or business, let me know, because I’m aiming for original.

Okay, I’m working on something here. I may add to it, but I was inspired. The pun is intended.

Knit to Fit


FitKnit Fanatics at

I think a T-Shirt is a wonderful idea!!! :cheering:

How about a small logo on the front (upper left or right, whichever ;))

Then, on the back, we have a LONG (longer than the example below) list of knitting terms and phrases without any spaces. Then ask, “Got it?” … like “Do you understand?”. Then follow that with I probably explained that poorly, so I threw a draft together…

What do you think?? :??

How about "It’s always fun until someone gets poked in the eye"
"I’ve found my knitch"
"Scratch my knitch"
"When life gives you lemons, spin them into yarn and knit some lemonade"
"We dont need no stinking patterns!"
a picture of a frog holding up a protest sign that says something about the discrimination he experiences, negative connotations of Frogging

I ordered a license plate cover from cafe press once…It’s cute, but make sure you get samples of their items first (if that’s possible) to check for quality. Basically, for that item, they printed up weather resistant labels and stuck them on plain license plate covers.

I LOVED the taglines that Knitty used…ESPECIALLY the Yarn Ho one.

Ooops didn’t see this thread :oops:

“Knitting, it’s not just for grannies anymore”

“Knit This”

“chicks with sticks”

“Knitters spin a good yarn”

I love this idea. :figureditout: How about something that captures the friendly atmosphere, like the international “not” symbol (circle with a diagonal line through it – didn’t know what else to call it), and inside the circle the words “Yarn Snobs.” So it would basically say “no yarn snobs.”

Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with. I like the idea with the knitting terms, too.


I love the “A Day In The Life Of” idea…Great one!

I’ll definitely buy a T-shirt or Mug!

I’m thinking too… :thinking:


Some great ideas so far. I think the T-Shirt should somehow convey that this website is for beginners as well as advanced knitters, teens and grannies, boys and gals, etc.

How about some images of one person tangled up in yarn, another with someone knitting two blankets/scarves at the same time, a guy knitter, a girl knitter, granny knitter, etc. Something to give it a global appeal. It could even look like a knitting “circle”…everyone sitting in chairs together, etc.

If that could be put in with the idea with all the knitting terms, too.


OMG, I thought of the perfect logo (slogan needs work). Amy do not make a decision until I make a post with a really really REALLY cool logo reflecting this idea. I just thought of it while I was in the shower.

lol beldie…

You must either a) not think a lot or b) take a lot of showers…ya always seem to think of something while you’re in the shower. Hmm.

You won’t “frog-it” :frog: with

Well Deni, one thing is that I am really impatient. I can’t find the pictures to resemble what I want. I don’t want to spend time looking for them anymore.


At least just to sketch my idea. Please, someone PM me if you’re willing to do a sketch for me. This idea really rocks!

WOW!!! :shock: You gals sure are creative!!!

OMG, Great ideas so far!

We definitely HAVE to do Ekgheiy’s knitting-terms idea. I love how it plays up the confusion and difficulty of learning to knit. KnittingHelp isn’t just the logo, it’s the solution to the problem! And it’s funny! …Way to go EK! You should be in advertising! :slight_smile: This could become a theme…KnittingHelp as the solution to crazy, insane knitting problems.

I’m also really liking Kelly’s “I’ve found my knitch” and “Scratch my knitch.” Funny!

Nuno, Gardenia, Denise and Happenin, thanks, you’ve all got me thinking on even more angles. Wow, my brain is spinning in delight! Keep 'em coming!

Beldaraan, I can’t stand the suspense!!!..

(Let’s see, what would Beldie think of… “, learn how to knit your Weenie Warmer!” :shock: …:rofling: )

Love this!! :cheering:

Do NOT like to be referred to as a prostitute.

Yeah, the “Yarn Ho” logo from Knitty is not my taste either. Where I’m from, “Ho” is a shocking word; at least it’s not one I’d be comfortable using to refer to myself! :blush:

[quote=“KellyK”]How about “It’s always fun until someone gets poked in the eye”

That cracked me up! I had a boss who always used to say that just to be funny and it’s quite relevant for kntters

Ok scratch Chick with Sticks… I must have gotten that from knitty :oops: Ah well, it was clever – aparently I just didn’t clever it myself

sorry :verysad:

Oooh, Kelly, howabout this slight alteration of your idea…

:arrow: “Scratch a Knitch”

The knitch word is so much fun! I love it! :happydance:

Kelly-darlin’, don’t sulk! We love you, you’re the greatest, and you’re definitely allowed to love that Knitty slogan, as I know many people do!

I live in puritanical Massachusetts…I can’t help being a fuddy duddy! :rollseyes: