Knitting Help Exercise and Weight Loss Forum

(The name can be changed to anything else you want.)

What I don’t know about blogging would fill, well, several thousand blogs. If any of you have helpful suggestions, I’m all ears.

What kind of information would we like to put down?

Name, kind of weight loss plan, exercise used, ‘vital statistics’ such as weight, height, basic measurements come to mind.

Then, maybe a weekly weigh-in day?

I hope some of you want to do this, as we discussed in the other forum, it’s much easier when you have the warm,
gentle encouragement of friends.

As I said, I’ve got forty pounds to lose, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve got five, or one hundred and five, it’s important to feel our best.

Maybe we could post weight loss goals, if we have any, and maybe daily updates on how we exercised or what we ate…how we cut down?

That’s a great idea. I wondered if you all know of It’s a great way to keep up with your food, exercise and weight and it’s free. I am Puddinpop there also.

I think I signed up with Sparkpeople once, what I’m looking for is a group that has like interests to mine.

My husband says I frequent too many sites now ~ :roflhard: he’s one to comment, he probably couldn’t fit another ‘favorite’ on his tool bar if he had to.

If only :knitting: burned more calories!

My husband’s hobby is running and exercising. I have too many hobbies but exercising isn’t one of them. I gotta get moving.

There was a brochure in the mail yesterday about a place nearby where you go work out one on one with a counselor, in a room where no one can see you. I figured it would be spendy, and when I flipped it over, there was a coupon for $250.00 off! So, it’s probably way above my means, but I am going to check them out.

If anyone else is truly interested in blogging weight loss, I’ll start first and put down my stats and what I’m going to do, starting tomorrow.

I don’t really have any weight loss goals, but I wouldn’t mind having y’all to be accountable to for healthy eating and exercising. I’m supposed to be getting my treadmill this week, and knowing that others are “out there” will help keep me motivated.

Oh My Gosh, I so need to lose weight! I stopped smoking 3 years ago this November coming and changed one addiction for another. Eating is the new smoking in my house. In the past 3 years I have put on 32.5kgs. Horrors. I feel my rear end following me down the street and seriously, it is getting harder to walk around or stand for any length of time. I now have high blood pressure medication and really have to do something. I would love to be included in this group. PLEASE!!!

Of course, lulu! Welcome!

Nathalie, before I go about typing in all my stats, is there some way we can ‘hide’ these posts? Make it members only, so to speak? I might get embarassed, after all. :aww: :slight_smile:

If we can’t, I will just go for it. Post everything pertinent, and see how we can encourage each other.

Let me check with Sheldon. I know that certain forums are member’s only. I would like to think that the Blog Forum would be as well, but I’ll ask and let you know.

Ok…just heard back from Sheldon. He said that the Blog and OT forums are for Members Only due to the personal nature of posts. So, use your own judgment but don’t post anything you’re not comfortable with.

The purpose of this thread, I believe, is to support one another, whether our goal is incorporating more exercise or reaching weight goals. Whatever it is, we’re here to love one another through the challenges.


Well I’ve made through lunch out without eating french fries (an addiction the hubby taught me) and chinese without an egg roll !! I’ve been consistent about doing my crunches and push-ups everyday. This will sound funny to most, but I have to supervise the dogs eating meals as they are having a little alpha battle…anyway I sit btwn them and do my exercises :slight_smile:
Here’s hoping I make it to the gym tomorrow Crossed Fingers

I got my treadmill yesterday but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

Today I ate chocolate chip pancakes (only two), a Snickers bar, and a pack of M&M’s.

How’s that?


OK here goes. 1st thing in the morning, after a pee and no clothes (not a pretty sight) 98.4kgs. Horrific on a 163cm tall female. The straight and narrow starts here!!!

Ok, I’ll join in to. At the physical therapy office, they measured me at 6’1/2" and 230 pounds :tap: He said,“Would you consider yourself to be sedentry?” I had just told him all of my physical ailments. “They are enough that I’m on SSDI, remember?”

We worked out a plan, it implements tomorrow morning.

My food plan is basic Weight Watchers.

According to him, I should weigh 180 pounds :roflhard:

WOOHOO I made it to the gym Thursday night. I would go today when I get off work, but I have a new LYS to visit before they close :wink: otherwise I would have to wait until next week.
Debkcs - the PT is most likely using a BMI chart to quote what he thinks is a good weight for you. Weight watchers is an awesome program. With your therapy do you have the option of being in an aquatics program?
If anyone else is interested : I don’t know how to add links but if you google BMI it should come up with an NIH and CDC link that will explain BMI and has a BMI calculator. BMI does not differentiate btwn men and women, so like anything else it is a tool to estimate about what our goal weights should be.

MDieties and PT’s have a different set of standards than the rest of us, but you get to the point where you know about your body, and what it can do.

I walked every day this weekend, a mile and a half each day, which is really good for me. Only problem is that after each walk I need pain meds. Hmmmm.

We’ll see what my WW type food plan will do for me when I weigh in this Friday.

Anyone who may be with us . . . hope your week is happy and productive.

I know what you mean about needing pain meds after going for a walk! I walk to work Mondays and Fridays ( I get a ride the other days), and do aquaerobics on Monday and Wed evenings. The Aquaerobics are fine but the toll that walking takes on the knee and hip joints is horrific! I had a left hip replacement 10 years ago after an accident involving my dog (recently deceased) and the other hip is on the way out. I weighed 64kg when the hip replacement was done and was supposed to stay around that weight. Ha Ha. I will wiegh in on Thursday morning and post how I have done. I am basically WW too, am a life member but have not been for a LONG while.

Right, 1st week gone and I weighed in this morning, same conditions as first weigh in. Quess what! Now 96.9kg. Thats 1.5 kg in one week. I am rapt. How is everyone else doing?