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this is a really good idea. thank you all. :heart:

since July 11 I’ve been dieting and walking/jogging 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes each time. I’m staying away from bread, rice, pasta, sugars, general starchy things, and fried things, and have increased my protein intake. yes, I have had cheat days, but they haven’t set me back too much. I started at 183.8 and am now 155.8. my goal is 125 as of January 31.

I wish you all luck and the determination/focus to get to your goals! :heart:

ETA: my husband and I track our progress on - free accounts!

2nd weigh in and only 200 grams off this week. 96.7kg. And of course I know why! The KFC for dinner one night and the peice of carrot cake with yummy frosting was my downfall. Never mind, I have not got all depressed over it and gone off the idea of losing the weight. I got straight back on the programme and am hoping for a good loss this coming week. Still 1.7 in two weeks is not to be sneezed at.

Good work JODSTRA2. It must be so much easier to get around with all that weight gone. We work in kgs here so I have to mentally convert your lbs to kgs. It was sometime in the 1960’s that we converted to decimals, $ and cents and kgs etc. I had a quick look at the web site where you guys track your weight, will have to have a good look later when not so busy. (am at work)

thank you lulubell :heart: :hug: .
it’s tough… I am soooo craving a big bowl of noodles, a bacon and sour cream laden baked potato, or a huge cauldron of matzo ball soup! I guess I can have those things but I fear I’ll make them a regular part of my diet. I also get lazy about the exercising - like today all I’ve done is sit here at the computer and drink coffee.

good luck to all of you. :hug:

Dieting has been my other hobby. I have probably tried every diet out there over the years, but found that Weight Watchers along with being a member of Curves has been the answer for me.

Your head has to be in the right space as well dont you think! And the older one gets, the harder it is to shift the weight. ( Or is that just an excuse?)

Well I downloaded an audio book and off I went for a walk today.:slight_smile: Hopefully listening to the book will make it more enjoyable. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with working exercise into the daily schedule.

96.7 again this week. I MUST GET MY ACT TOGETHER.

95.9 this week, a loss of only 800 gr, but still a loss. Thats 2.5kg since I started. (or 5 and a half pounds). That actually sounds better in pounds!

way to go…keep up the good work

I start Curves tomorrow… i had requested info on their website, last week the one who runs the one in the next town over offered me a free 1 week memebership… dh said we’ll make sure we can do it :slight_smile:

This is hard going! 95.1 this Thursday. Thats another 800 gr off, total of 3.3 now. Oh, thats half a stone, the old weights def sound better when its about weight loss.

Debkcs, how are you going? You are the wonderful one that got me inspired to get this fat off. We havent heard from you for a month. Is everything OK?

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