#Knitom Challenge


GOOD LUCK to poetknitterand everyone else that is participating !


Thank you, trisha54! :slight_smile:


Who is still doing this challenge?


I am!!!:smile::smile::smile:


Me, too! Almost done with this baby blanket.


Well I am going to have to up my challenge because I just found out that my best friends daughter is going to have a baby girl in February. A while back she gave me a list of what she wanted when and if she got pregnant.so besides the usual blankets and little outfits she asked for a bunting outfit and a christening dress. Now the question is do I want to knit or crochet. …mmm maybe a little bit of both. I really am excited and i get to use up all that yarn i have been storing up. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with all of you!


That is exciting news, trisha! So much fun to knit baby items and so many lovely christening gowns.
Have fun and let us in on your projects, please.


Will do salmonmac! Pulled out approximately 20 different patterns, now the fun begins deciding what i want to work on. Will give it some thought while i cook, another passion of mine.


This has been such a wonderful challenge to do I’ve done a lot I think! I have done a few hats, a scarf, created a pattern ( my first one ever), made a large sock which went to the Frog Pond, learnt two new knitting techniques and finished off most of the items in my W.I.P bin, now I only have 2 items left. Also started a blog and Instagram! I’ve had a lot of fun this month, also I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone else has been doing. Thank you for joining me on this challenge.


It has been a pleasure.


Wow, lots of accomplishments! Good for you. Anytime you can get WIPs finished is great news. We’d love to see photos too.


I agree. I love doing this challenge. I have been getting the third of four coaster sets done while on the challenge, and I have been working on a dishcloth. I have the dishcloth halfway done; now I have to make sure I do not run out of yarn with it. And you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the good news, trisha54! Good luck with the projects, and I and everyone else would like to see photos of them as you do them.


Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:


I am glad to hear that.


Thanks everyone!