#Knitom Challenge

I am super excited for the first of July, I will be starting the Knitom challenge, it’s not to difficult all you are doing is committing to sitting and knitting at least 10 minutes DAILY.
This is going to be my first knitting challenge and I just thought it would be perfect to start off with.

Got that covered. When I’m not at work, I’m binging classic Doctor Who while knitting. I’ve logged about 4 hours just today!

Alas, once August arrives I’ll be at band boot camp for 3 weeks before the semester starts. I’ll be lucky to get any knitting done then.

Yes, I knit daily myself but I want to see and log how many knitted items I could possibly knit in a month, even started my own knitting journal in form of a blog just so I could see how much I have done.

I love Doctor Who Classic or not! <3 I’ve done maybe just over an hour of knitting myself today, I am feeling sick so I am doing just a basic child’s scarf in garter so I don’t need to focus to much on what I am knitting.

Great to see a Whovian here. I love watching the show too. I must do the 10-minute knitting too. I’ve been busy these days due to work stuff

July 1. Not sure how much time actually knitting. I’ve gone through 17 half-hour episodes of Doctor Who. Mostly knitting, but also using my yarn ball winder, having meals, playing with kitties, and pinning a FO for blocking.

My WIP: another baby blanket.

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The blocked shawl is really spectacular. It’s wonderful as a baby blanket and such a thoughtful gift.
The blanket on the needles is so pretty. Love the colors. What yarn are you using?

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Baby bee from hobby lobby.

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I really like both of these :slight_smile:

I had to start a blog journal to keep up with what I’ve been creating this month it’s the most I’ve knitted in ages!
A hat I’ve Cast on today

A mummy and me matching cowls for a friend and her 3 year old daughter

Baby Prem-Medium sized hat and mittens (Booties to come)

A dishcloth

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You are a busy knitter. I especially love the multicolor yarn for the hat. No wait, maybe the cowls? or the baby hat or…
I can’t choose. The projects are all beautiful.

Thank you :slight_smile: I usually am not this busy with knitting.
I just finished a hat for my minister.

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Lovely! Such cheery colors.

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Never never thought about how much time I actually spend in the day knitting but since I became somewhat incapacitated in the past 3 years I seem to have spent more and more time between knitting and paint-by-number sets I would say that I login on an average 4 to 5 hours a day never thought about keeping track of it actually what I accomplish in the month in knitting but it should be interesting to see just how much I get accomplished

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Thank you :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised at what you’ve accomplished. I am, I have never thought of myself as a ‘fast’ knitter before. Although I do have a tendency to knit alot then stop as well… I don’t know what that’s about, but I am finding I am enjoying the process more than what I was and I am feeling alot more comfortable as a knitter.

July 2. Spent most of the day working on the baby blanket.

July 3. Got one hour in before work this morning. Fixing to make dinner which will be followed by more knitting.


Yesterday I was able to get in about three and a half hours of knitting.

July 4. Happy Independence Day to all the knitters in the USA. Hope you got a little knitting time in today. I logged about 6 hours. Plus another 2 after midnight. Almost done with my current project so I don’t really want to put it down.


The hours of knitting you all are enjoying is impressive. I love projects that are like very good books, hard to put down and sorry to see end.

July 5. Started knitting right after dinner and fell asleep about 5 hours later. Woke up Thursday morning to find kitties playing with the blanket.

July 6. Spent about an hour fixing the damage done by the cats. Continued with the I-cord bind off until it was finished about 1:00 AM. With 540 stitches on the needles, that made the I-cord almost 2200 stitches on its own!

July 7. Ready to go to work and then the blanket will be washed and pinned for blocking. Once it’s dry, it will be sent to my sister’s place in Idaho awaiting her first grandchild. I hope it gets there before the baby does. Due date is in 2 weeks, but my niece’s body is already threatening an early arrival.

Now… what to knit next?