#Knitom Challenge


Why not make a couple of outfits for the baby in varying sizes? Try going to bernat.com they have some nice ones that are free.


July 8. Spent the day at a friend’s gender reveal cookout. (She’s having a boy.) This is the friend for whom I knitted the lacy diatom blanket. I got all the double knit stitches picked up around the dish towel while I was there. Got home around 5-ish and proceeded to spend the next 5 hours knitting the border.

July 9. Finished the knitting part of the border. What possessed me to do a concealed edge on this thing?!? The recommendation I have for Kitchener stitch is 4-5 times the length of the fabric to be grafted. I have 19 YARDS of yarn on a tapestry needle! This is going to be a chore. Three stitches in and I’ve already had to untangle twice. I should be done with it sometime before I go to bed.


Ok. Cancel being done before bedtime. I’ve been at it more than 2 hours and I’ve only grafted one foot. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be done Tuesday. Maybe.


Ha. Ha i hear you hsppens to me all the time


I’ve just finished a sweater like that. I was dividing the approximate number of rows left by the days to see how many more were left to slog through. Turns out, I actually like the sweater!
The dish towel will look amazing and be a feat of engineering when you finish, for sure.


July 10. After 6 hours, I am one inch shy of grafting the second side. The good news is that the more stitches I work, the shorter the yarn tail becomes. I’ve also figured how to eliminate massive tangles. So it is progeasing more quickly. But I may not be finished before Thursday. And to think this is only the first piece of a full kitchen set!


My problem would be knitting for only 10 min a day!


What a beautiful hat!


Well…the challenge is to knit AT LEAST 10 minutes every day.


You can do it:slight_smile:


July 11. Spent 10 hours today grafting the double knitting. Almost done with it. Must stop now before the benedryl knocks me out.


At least 10 minutes is no problem. I usually log several hours!


What beautiful colors. I like it.


Who here is still keeping up with this challenge? I know I am.


Me too


I am going to have to try this challenge too. 10 minutes seems easy and simple.


I am, although I have been in and out of hospital this week. I’ve managed 10 minutes most days although there have been 4 days in total this month no knitting was done at all. This flu has gotten to me and my little family and wow it has done it’s damage on us.


Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Hope you are feeling better. :wink:


Well i seem to be way ahead of my 10 minutes a day challenge. I have been averaging 4 to 5 hours a day, in some respects that’s a good thing since I am trying to complete 2 shawls ASAP (gifts) and each requires 430 rows in length over with 125 stitches. I’m hoping to have them completed by August 15th. Wish me luck!


I started the challenge this Sunday, and managed 10 minutes each on two different projects. Sometimes, I have been exceeding 10 minutes on knitting (I have been knitting as long as 20 minutes). I have not knitted today yet, because I was working this morning, but hope to get back to it as soon as I can. Wish me luck!