Knit Picks Substitutes

Found a pattern that calls for Knit Picks brand yarn. Looked up substitutes but did not recognize any brands. Any ideas for subs I can buy in :canada: ?

Knit Picks has lots of yarn lines – I think about 50 varieties! Which one did your pattern call for? I’m sure we can find a good Canadian option for most of their yarns.

Have you tried the yarn sud regenerator, it actually called yarnsub! I love it sometimes I find it frustrating to find yarn that I can buy without paying duties. I am in Nova Scotia :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven’t heard of that brand. :rage:

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Knit Picks Andean Silk.
Sorry it took so long to respond. Couldn’t find the pattern.


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It’s not yarn it’s a wedsite that you put your yarn in and it suggests substitute yarn;
It’s second suggestion is juniper moon farms : moonshine. That is a brand I have bought at the wool tart / gaspareau wool store or the one in Mahone Bay, which might of closed because it was for sale.

That was a mistake in my note. What I meant to say is the substitution list does not identify any yarn I can find/buy in Winnipeg.


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Is there a way you can order from another LYS that in Canada, I know it can be hard I want this yarn from a coop in main and the duty makes it a stupid price. There were 3 stores in Canada listed as carriers but they had all stopped

No worries! Silk yarns are a bit more obscure.

Andean Silk is 55% alpaca, 23 silk and 22 merino. So we can say that it would be quite drapey, have less memory/elasticity than 100% wool, be quite warm, and perhaps have a slight sheen due to the silk content. It is plied and fairly smooth looking.

It has 88 metres to 50g, is described as worsted weight, and has a recommended gauge of 18–20 stitches to 10cm, so quite a wide range.

It is discontinued.

If you don’t mind, can I ask what the pattern is too? We can look on Ravelry and see what other knitters have substituted if there are a few projects.

Also, is matching the fibre content important to you, or are you mainly concerned about getting something that knits to the same gauge?

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It’s Hermione’s magical mitts. A regular fingerless mitten but with the colours she wore. My friend is a humongous fan. If I start now, surely it will be done for Christmas. :joy:

Only care about fibre content to the degree of matching the number 4,3, etc.) and kind (worsted, etc.).

All but one independent, small yarn store is left, leaving online, Michael’s and Walmart. :frowning:

I found the pattern in Ravelry. Would really like to be able to order the colours in the pattern. Closest to the mitt in the series found to date.

Do want to mention how very kind it is of you to be going through so much trouble for me. ‘Muchly’ appreciated.

So is wolseley wool still open, the webstore is , the carry a worsted weight Malabrigo Rios (same 18-22 on us6).
It’s all wool but with mittens drape won’t matter.
It comes in lots of colours a passable golden yellow( sunset)and burgundy ( ravelry red) but the colours are variegated a bit.

That’s the one I was talking about Unfortunately, allergic to wool.


Anybody that is allergic to wool the silk wool alpaca blend would of bothered to. Walmart or Michel should have acrylic in the right weight and a variety of colours



I want to knit a vest for a nine year old. The type of vest I’m looking for is … think of a cardigan with no sleeves or buttons where the front has about four inches between the two outside edges.

Any suggestions? Any pattern ideas?


Again, sorry. Can’t find how to post so just replied to you, hoping everyone sees it.

This kind of vest?

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Unfortunately, no. It needs to look similar to a cardigan with no sleeves or buttons

Don’t know what I was thinking.
These come in child sizes and you can always leave off the buttons and buttonholes. They are mostly unisex. If you do a Ravelry search there are also some cute girl’s patterns.

In my brain, I have a picture. Unfortunately, my finger is not tapping the right letters. :scream:. Below is a diagram of what I’m hoping to find. The diagram is the front. The top lines are supposed (?) to look like the width of the back. Here’s hoping the lines don’t move. Like Three rectangles. The second row is the armpit row. Before you think you’re talking to a complete idiot (why doesn’t she just knit three rectangles and sew them together ??), I’m not super duper experienced and need to know how many stitches to cast on as well as how many stitches for the two fronts. Have I removed all doubt from your mind of my Einstein-less gray matter? :woozy_face:
||||||| ||||||
||||||||||. |||||||||
||||||||||. |||||||||
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