KH Monthly Challenge--JUNE

Alright KHers!

The submissions for April and May were FAB-YOO-LOUS, but now it’s really time to step up to the plate.

In light of our recent Memorial Day and the upcoming Flag Day, The Monthly Challenge for June is…
[size=6]Knit Americana [/size].
[size=3]And the added bonus is that your creation will be all ready for display when Independence Day rolls around next month!

I’m going to try to fashion some accessory to wear for 4th of July… some red white and blue star-shaped pins, maybe a matching scrunchie, a visor… Add red white and blue fun fur to a pair of flip flops! Maybe you can knit a flag pin, or felt a change purse, or add some colorwork to your summer tank top! The possibilities are endless… I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Okay. So you’re not an American. Or you wouldn’t be caught dead commercializing such a sacred holiday. Or red white and blue do not match your skin tone. Or you think my idea is dumb… FINE! Here’s an alternate assignment JUST FOR YOU:[/size]
[size=6] Knit Something June-ish. [/size] [size=3] Here’s some inspiration…
Gemini: May 21 - June 20
Cancer: June 21 - July 22
Birthstone: Pearl
Flower: Rose
AND June is
* Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month
* Audiobook Month
* Candy Month
* Dairy Month
* Drive Safe Month
* Firework Safety Month (June - July 4th)
* Flag Month
* Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
* Gay and Lesbian Pride Month
* Iced Tea Month
* People Skills Month
* Rose Month
* Safety Month
* Scleroderma Awareness Month
* Send A Rose Month
* Turkey Lovers Month [size=11] why isn’t this November?? [/size]
* Vision Research Month
* Zoo and Aquarium Month

Now I’m, not sure exactly how you’d knit People Skills, Scleroderma, or Vision Research, but hey, maybe you’re more creative than I am!

There should be something here everyone can do! I expect to see full participation from Amy and all Mods! And act like you’re having fun, darn it!!! Let’s start :XX:


Whew! I was about to ask what would a Canadian living in Ireland be doing knitting something American!!

Ok, well I’m sending someone a rose this month. And I love my zoo!

I’ll try and knit something ‘June-ish’ then! Thanks for the challenge :slight_smile:

Hmmm… how about something for Juneteenth?

For those who may not know…

FeministMama, I’d never heard of Juneteenth! How on earth I grew up in Cambridge, MA, without hearing about Juneteenth is beyond me. :?? What a wonderful and important holiday!

I want to knit something for Juneteenth! …but what?? Any ideas???

I think I’ll make something for one of my African American friends or family. Maybe for my niece Jeynaba, or nephew Sahjo.

Or you could knit something for someone special whatever their race to let them know abot Juneteenth too. Then maybe they’ll tell more people, showing off thier lovely whatever while telling admirers about Juneteenth

Oooo … Oooo!!! :waving: I found two things that you can do for June. Check out the cute Cat Pillow at the bottom of the table of contents in this book, and you can knit it for a child in your life while listening to The House of Dies Drear on tape! (We got our copy @ the library, and the kids are really enjoying it.)

yay! I’m so glad so many of you are interested! I thought that no one liked me and everyone thught my ideas were dumb :verysad:
I haven’t started on mine yet! It’s amazing how the end of the school year sneaks up on you; I haven’t been doing much knitting or online stuff. Maybe now that school is done and my classroom is (almost) cleaned up I can get started!

I am home with my school room clean…graduation was Saturday morning and this is Wednesday and I am looking to the Forum for ideas ------I live in the south (100 degrees yesterday and humid) and it is hard for me to decide what I want to knit…knitting seems like a winter activity and I am having a hard time getting inspired…But I am working on it…I might knit some of the stars listed on Amy’s pattern page…I need small not heavy items to knit…any specific ideas out there.

Silly Hilde!!! Everyone :heart: :heart: :heart:'s you and your fun ideas. (except for maybe KK :roflhard: )

If Hilde HAD any fun ideas, I would :heart: them! :twisted:

I’m thinking about doing a Rose colored tank. With thisyarn. The color is blush but it looks rose to me. Probably this pattern. It will be a HUGE challenge for me and will probably take longer than the weather will stay nice to wear it. :smiley:

But then you’ll have it to pull out of your closet next summer!! :slight_smile: Good luck. Cute tank!

yay! i love that tank!
I still have yet to start on this KAL. Maybe I’ll get it done before July rolls around. HAH!

I think Im gonna submit my coasters for the June KAL, in honor of NATIONAL SWEATY BEVERAGES MONTH! :shifty:

Yes? :smiley:


and they’re red and blue and whiteish too!!!

Kelly, those coasters are AWESOME! They turned out so nice and square. Good felting job. :thumbsup:

Well, actually, they are red & black and green, tan & black… :shifty:

i SAID “ish”!!!