KH Monthly Challenge--JUNE

HAHAHAHA!! Several hours early! :cheering:

Femmy suggested this idea last year, and I actually wrote it down and remembered where I wrote it

For June, your challenge is to knit something FREE, in honor of Juneteenth.
For those of you who aren’t familliar with Juneteenth, it is celebrated on June 19th. It is the oldest holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves by the emancipation proclaimation (which, even though the E.P. became official in 1863, it wasn’t actually enforced in Texas, the “home” of Juneteenth, until 1865). You can read more about Juneteenth here.

I am suggesting trying your hand at free-form knitting AND crochet :slight_smile: This is a GREAT stash buster project… you just grab some yarn, knit a “small piece”–any shape, any color, etc-- and “add stuff” to it… then at the end, you sew all of the little pieces together into “something” [size=2](do you like my use of “quotes” ? It’s supposed to be “mysterious” and “open ended”) [/size]. These little pieces are called scrumbles. Check out the get started link below for a gallery of examples.

If you haven’t crocheted before, this is a good project to practice some basic stitches–most knitting books and magazines have directions in the techniques section, or you can check the web for how-tos.

Here is a GREAT “get started” webpage with lots of other pictures and ideas for freeform.

For inspiration, check out some of these images:

and here

There is also a book on free-form knitting HERE… maybe you can check it out of the library. (no, I’m not telling you to BUY a book to participate in the KAL)

I thought it might be cool if we all just posted pictures of our little modular “parts” as knit or crocheted them, and then posted a finished pic of our “thing” at the end [size=2](not that one, KK :rollseyes: ) [/size]

Juneteenth is celebrating the freedom of slaves in the US. Free yourself from patterns and directions, and just go with it for this KAL.

What a neat idea! I am already working on ideas :thinking:


Yay Hilde! I am way skeered about this one. I am so NOT a free form kinda girl. But they don’t call it a challenge for nuthin’!

OMGoodness, HILDEGARD!!! You shoulda said that we should knit something for the Knitting World Cup cause I can’t finish both :frowning: …what’s a girl to do :?? :roflhard: :rofling:

well you can do both, becca!! and with free form, you’re done when you think you’re done… so you AUTOMATICALLY will make the world cup deadline! :cheering:

Love every single solitary stitch of this idea. Game on!

What a fun idea! I have all this cheap-y yarn I bought when I first started… oooo… I can so see my daughter wearing all this crazy free form stuff!

Count me IN! :happydance:

I’m in too. If I don’t die from the last two weeks of school.


I don’t like patchwork stuff so I don’t know… :thinking:

this might be the first challenge i take up… (the others kinda intimidated me i’m ashamed to admit) altho i really gotta finish that ponco first.

BUT… i’ve recently coordinated my leftovers & whatnot stash (am i the only freak that’s done this btw?) into ziplocks that might look good together…

so i havta start now & finish by the 19th? (zat how this works?)


If you want to do this for the world cup thingy then you have until whatever date is the end of that… otherwise this challenge runs the entire month of June. But we’re not picky about when you finish :slight_smile:

Don’t be intimidated Rox! The is the easiest one so far!

Scrumbles! That’s a great word :cheering: I did some “scrumbleteering” last night :slight_smile: I’ll try to add some bits and see what happens… fun KAL!

I might try this, but I’m a little bit unsure… :thinking:

I must say again, Scrum-deleeicious idea! And this coordinates so well with all the stash busting knit alongs I’ve joined for the summer.

If you’re a bit unsure about this (as I was when I first heard about it a few months ago) try this tactic - just get some of the yarn left overs and the “I’m not so sure about this anymore” novelty stuff out of your stash, grab a few different needles (or crochet hooks - is that allowed Hilde??? Mixed media, etc?) and just knit while watching a movie, don’t even pay attention to what your doing really. Bind off and pick up some stiches anywhere on your “swatch” and start with another yarn. That’s what I intend to do.

There is a good article on this free-form technique in the Summer 2006 issue of Knit.1 (page 25). The article lists a good reference for a website too where designer Prudence Mapstone shows photos of a scrumble “evolving”

That site is right here

I’ve been wanting to do one of these, and I thought, “Oh boy, it’s the BEGINNING of the month. Maybe I can actually DO one this time!”

But, alas, I am not a freeform kind of girl. I prefer to follow a pattern exactly.

How about if it’s a “FREE” project, as in a charity object? Something we don’t make for ourselves?

Carolina Red, that is a great idea!!!

And, yes, J, crochet is TOTALLY allowed! I’m not sure it can be done authentically without some crochet anyway… :thinking:

Oh boy…the more I look at this I’m just not sure I knit something that crazy on purpose. :lol: I think about it though. I’ve got lots of stashbusting to do… :thinking:

Wonderful! I’m so glad I can do that. I LOVE to knit for charity.

After giving this some consideration, I’ve decided to make something that might seem depressing, but it’s a necessary item for charity.

This little gown, bonnet and booties is for the dressing of a baby born asleep. It comforts the parents to see their little one dressed before they say goodbye.

To me, this is a way to “free” the spirit of a little one to eternity. I’ll do my best to finish it before the month is over. Oh! And I’m using some “FREE” yarn that someone gave to me at church.