KH Monthly Challenge--December PICTURES start p. 12!

I’m going to do this challenge a bit different. Usually I try to pick topics that can be interpreted in many ways, or that can be “completed” through many different products. This time, though, I’m going to ask everyone to knit the same thing.

You will need less than a skein of yarn. Gauge is unimportant, but you might want to sift through your stash and find a “Decemberish” color (but if orange is your thing, go for it).

Other Items:
some kind of stuffing (yarn, cotton balls, roving, batting, etc)
yarn needle
about 90 minutes of knitting time

Most important: you will be giving this item away. Think of a recipient… or keep it for an “emergency” gift… put it under the tree at your church… a hostess gift…

Oh, and I’m not telling you what it is :twisted:

I will post the pattern this weekend!

Hmm, I love guessing games :smiley: so I’m gonna guess it’s a knitted bear.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I dont’ know what it is, but I’m in!

I’m in too- for whatever it is.

I’ve been checking all day long to see what you might post, hoping you’d post it early…you devil you.


:teehee: Sounds like fun!

hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee :happydance:

I may have to join this one :teehee:
I really don’t have decembery but I think that I have something that I can use instead :cheering:

I am now intrigued and can not wait until the weekend :doh:

You are a stinker, Hilde! :shrug: I don’t know what you are planning but love that you tease us so! Guess I’ll be checking in frequently until you post!


Okay, I’m seriously going to finish this K-A-L…

I’m in, just because I like surprise’s. :teehee:

I’m a sucker for mystery. No clues at all? :shrug:

I may have to join in this one. . . but i dunnnooooo. . .

ohh a surprise :thinking: I might have to do this one… will you give us the whole pattern at once or in bits and pieces to keep us guessing?? :cheering:

this sounds fun, i am so in!!!

I’ll give it to you all at once. I just hope I wrote it down correctly! :teehee:
It will be up by the end of today, so gather your materials. :happydance:

ONE more thing… NO tattling what it is!! :fingerwag: We want everyone to be surprised, even the KALers who don’t start for a few weeks. Maybe at the end of the month we can all post pictures of our FOs.

hahaha and I’ll bet you all checked in hoping I’d posted the pattern already, didn’t you??? :twisted: :teehee: :waving: :happydance:

off to type the pattern! :out:

[size=2]I keep forgetting how evil Hildie is[/size] :doh:

hehehehe I love the no tatteling rule! I can’t start until all homework is done That is my self imposed rule :shrug:

:cheering: :cheering:


this sounds fun! I hope it can be worked in with all my other christmas knitting!