KAL Just For Me, from the Family Circle, Easy Knitting Mag

I am going out to buy the yarn for this over the weekend and hope to cast on by Monday. I was wondering if anyone else would like to do this with me? It is my very first sweater… :oops: okay, everything, at this point is my very first… :rofling: but I would love to have other knitters, experienced or not to do this with in case I run into trouble. :thumbsup:

I’m going to try and find a picture of it…I don’t have a scanner and my digital has gone on the fritz.

Okay…I found this one…not the best picture but it gives you an idea of what I’m going to knit.

Go for it! Even if you don’t get a KAL going, you know there are lots of people here who love to help out! :happydance:

Dragon Tush, I too considered knitting that for my gd who will be 3yrs. old next week. But to be honest…I’m not sure if I can “follow” all the directions. I’d probably need help along the way. It is so pretty.

Are you planning on using the same kind of yarn? If not what are you going to get? I just may KAL with you. I could go out tomorrow and buy the yarn. Not sure what I can substitute for it. I’d really like to buy a less expensive yarn for this since she will out grow it so quickly. :XX: :XX:

Thank you Ingrid. I know there are many people here who can help, thank goodness LOL.

Celine. I will likely be using a different yarn. I can’t seem to find any Reynolds at all so I am going to my LYS tomorrow morning and see what the ladies there suggest as an alternative. I will post what they suggest. I too, don’t want to spend too much on yarn for exactly the same reason. My dd is going to be four this weekend and like all children…growing like a little weed.

I’ve been reading the pattern and I think I can follow it. :?? We’ll see :roflhard:

Maybe between the two of us we can get it done lol. :thumbsup:

Your gd is turning three next week? My dd is turning four next week. On the 17th…

Dragon Tush, My gd’s birthday is also on the 17th of April!! :smiley: We are celebrating it on Easter Sunday this year. All the family will be together.

I was going to knit her a sweater in the Fall and I have six skeins of "Plymouth Yarn “Jelly Beenz” here already. Its 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool. It may not be for a summer sweater but iI’ll be happy to have her wear it this Fall and Winter. I think I am going to be using it. It bought it at my LYS also and it was not cheap.

Maybe we both can do this one!! :XX: :XX:

Okay, I officially started the sweater last night. I’m making the smallest size. Even with casting on the 60 stitches…it looks wide. I’d rather it be bigger for her than too small. She can always grow into it. She is tall for her age and not petite so it should work out.

Let me know how you are doing on yours. I’ll let you know if I need any HELP :crying: .

I was out all day yesterday but I have about 7 inches of the sweater back done. Will work on it today. How are you doing on yours? I’m sure your way ahead of me!! :XX: :XX:

:frowning: I’m about ready to cry Celine …I have run into so much trouble trying to find yarn…can’t seem to find anything that works. I finally decided to try some Red Heart from Michaels and now I’ve lost my magazine( I htink I left it at Michaels as I brought it with me to compare gagues). I’m really frustrated LOL.

I have another little cardigan pattern that I have all the stuff for…I might just have to go ahead with that one until I find a new Family Circle Magazine.

Can I still knit along with you, anyway? :oops:

I can’t wait to see yours…I can’t believe your little gd has the same birthday as my little one LOL. Maybe they have the same name too …now that would be funny. :smiley:

I’m sorry you misplaced your magazine!! Yes, of course we can still knit along. We can still try and help each other.

I ran into a problem already…can you tell me what THIS means??
I did the back and then I did the armhole shaping…then it says …

"knit to 13 inches ending with a right side row. That I get!

Then it says…"Neckband (WRONG side) P10, which I assume is purl ten sitches. But it has me end on the RIGHT side above but then it tells me to begin that purling on the WRONG side. How can I be on both sides at the same time??? So I’m confused. :??

If you can figure it out I’d apprecaite it.

I’m glad you got some yarn you like for your sweater. I saw some Bernat yarn at the Dollar Store the other day. They had three different ones but really nothing that I was crazy about or I would have gotten a lot! lol

Sorry to be nosey - but I guess that’s what this forum allows you to do!
I’m not part of this KAL (yet) but I do know that I’ve asked this question many times. The way I understand what you have is that “…ending with a right side row” means you actually DO a right side (knit) row, then start the next part (P10) on the following row - that’s the wrong side.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much…that would make sense!!! You are more than welcome to read our posts. We all learn from each other. Thanks again.

I just finshed up the back of the sweater. Now starting the right front side. If this continues to go so well I’ll probably make it again in a larger size for her!! I need patterns that are EASY. :XX: :XX:

:thumbsup: Wow…you’re going to town on this Celine! :XX: Knit woman, knit!

I just cast on for this Sirdar Cardigan last night then couldn’t figure out the third row…got it now though and will work on it tonight after the kidlets are in bed. I’m using a King Cole yarn called Spot on. I don’t like it too much…it is very uneven in areas. I’ll keep on though. I’ve used circulars for the first time now too! That is kind of cool.

Jamadian…thank you for butting in LOL. I read that and :?? . I had no idea. Feel free to look in anytime…I’m a real newbie to knitting too. I know I can use help often.

Dragon Tush sounds like you are moving right along too!!

I bought a sweater pattern from my LYS in the early Fall. I also bought that Plymouth JElly Bean yarn from her. Well I started to make the sweater and I always seemed to need HELP with it. To make a long story short…I started that sweater three times. Even tho I did a gauge it ended up looking SO big. Autumn would have to wait until she was 12 to wear it so I tore it all out.

Now with this pattern I’m using its goiing well so that makes me feel like I am accomplishing something!! :XX: :XX:

Welll I think I found a “mistake” in this pattern. I knit the back. Then I knit the right side front but there was not enough room for the part that goes over the shoulder. It said to knit to lengh of the back. But I was just about there already before they told me that. :?? So I remeasured my pieces numerous times and I ended up ripping out part of the right front and began the decorative knitting at a lower place on the front. By doing that it gave me the room that I needed for the shoulder and the right length. I could have even knitted it lower than I did.

Now I’m working on the left front and I will make the changes on that side too. But other than that its going well. :XX: :XX:

Sorry for butting in but my No1 son is 11 on th 17th! Not sure how this happened - last time I looked I’m sure he was 4 :shock:

We’re having a family bike ride with our church followed by tea at his favourite pizza and pasta restaurant with lots of family - we’ll be a table of 12. Can’t wait :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday too the little ones in our lives that share today as their birthday!! Autumn is three day. :heart:

I haven’t knit on her sweater in the last two days since I just began to knit lace. I’ll try and work on it later on tonight. :XX: :XX:

Happy belated birthday to all our little ones (or not so little anymore lol)yesterday! We had a good day here. Megan was thrilled to get her new bike for her birthday along with the horn (yeah…that wasn’t annoying at all**) and the streamers for her handles that she received from her big brother.

I’m still working on the back of the cardigan. Its slow going for me as I try to only knit once the kidlets are in bed. I can’t concentrate on the pattern with the little munchkins screaming for attention.

Did you get any knitting done Celine?

Dragon Tush, I haven’t touched the sweater in a few days. I did finish the back and the right front and now have half of the left front done…so not too much more to do other than the sleeves.

BUT I started a new handbag that I saw at a yarn shop the other day and have been going like a “house on fire” with it. So once the bag is done I will pick up the needles on the sweater. I usually do have more than one project going at a time anyway as most of us here. :XX: :XX:

Yes, I see many of you have more than one project going lol. The most I can get going is this project and maybe a dishcloth right now …I’m so slow right now. LOL.

I finally finished the back and am going to cast on for the front right tonight. I can’t wait to see this finished.

I am thinking of shopping for a new digital camera one day soon so I’ll finally be able to post some of the projects I’ve finished. :thumbsup: