KAL Just For Me, from the Family Circle, Easy Knitting Mag

I have the new camera but don’t know how to posts the pictures here. I’ll have to ask my dh to help me out.

I just started to knit a lace scarf. I’m using lime green Plymouth Baby Alpaca and wow is that :heart: soft!! This is my first time using Alpaca and it feels like I’m knitting whipped cream!! lol So soft!!

Last night I began knitting one of the sleeves for the sweater. Its just going to fit her now. If I make this pattern again I will use the next size. So far its an easy pattern except for the front parts that I had to “adjust”. :XX: :XX:

I got a new computer so I’ve been ignoring my knitting a bit this week lol.

I am still working on the left front panel of the sweater. I better get a move on though as I want it done for JUne. We have like 10 birthdays that month and it would be so cute for my dd to wear this.

Celine, you must knit up a storm. I can’t imagine ever getting fast enough to do as many projects as you have done this month lol.

I have to admit that I do everythng fast…but lose weight!! When I quilt I “work” the same way. When I knit as long as I can understand the directions I get things done quickly…then I’m ready to move on to the next project. :XX: :XX: :XX:

That knitted bag I just made I bought the 5 skeins of Noro yarn on a Monday and the following Friday morning I was done with the lined bag. I really loved working on it. But I was a bit surprised that I did it so fast. I’m really not in a race but just “work” quickly I guess.

I’m enjoying knitting the lace scarf much more then the sweater!! But I will finish it soon…I hope!! :oops:

Okay, here is the story. I was working on the sleeve yesterday then decided to hold the fronts and the back of the sweater up to my gd and its going to be too short and small for her! :oops: She is tall for a three year old. So I ended up abandoning this project. I do like the look of the sweater but will try it again at a later date with changes made so it will fit her.

I wish you luck on yours!! :XX: :XX: Keep us posted.

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That’s okay Celine. I can understand why you wouldn’t continue with it. Not much point if it isn’t going to fit.

I am still working on the cardigan. I had some trouble and had to frog some of it but I am back on track. I should be done in time for all the June birthdays coming up in my husbands family.

Thats great that you are moving right along on the sweater. I still do hope to knit a sweater for my gd.

I’ve been busy working on other things in the mean time. I finished the “Falling Leaves” scarf for my mother for Mother’s Day. Plus am working on the “Best Friend’s Jacket” by Sally Melville. And I just ordered all I needed to make a beautiful handbag from the book “Simpy Noro”. Can’t wait to start that one!

Knitting is ADDICTIVE. :XX: :XX: