Just don't want to crochet anymore!

Since I started knitting, I don’t enjoy crocheting much anymore.

Any others who know how to do both just prefer knitting so much that they quit crocheting?


[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yup, pretty much so. I use a crochet hook only for binding off, making ties, and maybe adding an edging to something.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I’m the same way. I’ve been crocheting since I was about 4 or 5. I just don’t like the fabric it produces. Knitting is my craft of choice.

I still like to crochet every once in a while, especially when I want some instant gratification. I kinda go through phases. One phase I’ll be a knitten fool and other times I’ll crochet every doily pattern I can find until I run out of thread and then it’ll be back to knittin again. Kinda goes back n forth.

I’m doing both simultaneously right now. I knit until my hands start hurting then I switch to crochet. I have 4 crochet projects going and 8 knit (ignore the sig, it’s not correct). I do prefer knit though, the look and feel of the finished product is much nicer to me than crochet.

Yep, that’s me too. I started crocheting doilies at age 8 or so. Then at 12 started knitting. Over the years I made a few doilies but no more. I love the fabric that is produced by knitting. On occasion I will make the Gkids a blanket using crochet but more often it will be a knitted one. So I’m 58 now and still prefer knitting.

I started by crocheting. I made one bedspread. It took me a year and a half. I have never picked up a hook since. When I was 25 a neighbour started me knitting and I knew why I did not like crochet. I’ve never looked back. I don’t even remember how to crochet anymore.

I usually crochet between knitting projects to give myself a break from knitting. I seem to enjoy them both in a little bit of a different way.:heart:

I love crocheting with thread LOVE it! But I do not like crocheting with yarn. I love knitting with yarn. Knitting is the newer hobby so I’m doing a lot of it right now but I also have a 1960 doily pattern in size 30 thread that I pull out and work on.

While there are knitted versions, I do love crochet for amigurumi. It’s really suited for it.

I learned to knit and crochet when I was 10. Then for the next 34 years or so all I did was crochet. Within this year I started knitting again and I really enjoy it. But there are some things that I think look better crocheted. Like edgings and flowers stuff like that.

Well, i only started learning how to knit a few weeks ago, so i’m still uncomfortable with it. But i’ll get the hand (LOL)! To me ,crochet goes extremely easy.

To me ,crochet and knitting are 2 different arts - while i really enjoy crocheting, i HATE most of the clothes made on crochet. On the other hand, knitting creates beautiful fabric, clothes, socks, and etc (‘wornable’ things), but i prefer the look of lacey things done on crochet - there’s a kind of ‘softness’ that knitted laces don’t get quite right.

I was just thinking that I was missing crochet! I have only ever done blankets and I need to get some done, not only for myself but also for Project Linus. Blankets are so much easier with crochet than knitting.

I started with crochet too and while I did it I loved it. But after making 3 crocheted tops, I only really liked one…and knew if I wanted pretty sweaters I had to learn to knit. So I did.

I din’t think I will ever pick up a hook again, except to rescue stitches.

I learned to crochet a little when i was about 7. I hated it though. I still think it feels awkward. I think knitting generally will bring out the beauty of yarn better.

I learned to knit and crochet when I was a kid. I stuck with crohet until I got older and then went to knitting and have not really done any crochet in years other than for trim or edging. Crochet goes fast but I like the finished look of knitting better, especially for clothing.

I do both, pretty much equally. I love crochet for amigurumi, and hadn’t really thought about it for clothes because of the fabric it produces - BUT - today the Crochet Me book arrrived in the post, and I’m really excited about some of the clothing patterns in it. There’s a longer post in the crochet part of this forum about it. I go through phases where I do one or the other, and then phases where I do both. I usually have a few projects of each type on the go :slight_smile:

I learned to crochet at 12 and then when I was 28 (aprox. 4 years ago) I learned to knit… I have develop a true passion for knitting, but crochet has a special place in my heart. Knitting is adictive to me. But I know that a crochet bag tends to be sturdier and firmer than a knit one. A knit bag would have a stretchier fabric, so the crochet one would keep the shape much better. Also, I have found there are many more crochet patterns for toys and baby clothing than to knit. And some of those patterns are really beautiful. So, I have more fun for knitting but don’t discard crocheting :slight_smile:

I do both, depending on what I want, and sometimes both in the same project. I don’t like crocheted ribbing, so sweaters get knitted ciffs. OTOH, knit sometimes gets started with a chainless crocheted foundation row. Knitwear is nice, but is anything as warm as a Homespun Polish slipped star shawl? The darned thing is so HUGE even I can wrap up in it!:smiley: It’s all what you want, need, or like the looks of. Or the mood you’re in, for that matter. Or sometimes whether you find the needles or the hook first!

Yeah, I definitely prefer knitting to crocheting! I technically learned to crochet when I was really young, probably ten years ago or so. And I would do a little something off and on, because I learned from my grandmother. So I knew how to do it, but never did much with it.
I learned knitting from this amazing website, and while I prefer it to crocheting (especially for results), my new love of fiber crafts has gotten me to do a little more crocheting. The projects in S’nB Happy Hooker are really cool, so I’ve made some stuff from there. And I also prefer crocheting for afghans and sometimes bags. It’s also really fast and makes cool lace and edgings, plus I’m really interested in learning filet crochet.
Socks are my absolute favorite, and I love the process of knitting as well as the results for all kinds of garments like socks and sweaters, scarves, hats, and the effects of awesome colorwork. But I like crochet for granny squares (I CAN’T HELP LOVING GRANNY SQUARES), super quick hats, afghans of all types, and bags.

So I guess to answer the question: Learning to knit has actually increased my amount of crocheting because I am doing so much more work in general. But the amount of crocheting I do pales in comparison to the amount of knitting!