July 21st, who's holding their breath?!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Me ME ME ME !!!

I can’t wait , I’m soooo excited. I’ve just started Goblet of Fire - I’m making my way through all the books again!

I just started re-reading the first book again. :teehee: I is excited! :cheering:

Who’s Harry Potter?


Vendie:passedout::shock: hehehehe


Although I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I’m more excited for FiberFest which is happening that weekend. :cheering: I’ll be waiting until I’m back home in Canada to buy the book so I can have a copy that matches the rest of my HP books.

i most absolutely am! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait!!!:woot::cheering::happydance::woohoo:

I’m going to have to brush up on the last book though to remind myself what happened.

Ooh ooh [raising hand] I am! I am ! I just started reading the first book too!! I can’t wait!

Me too! I’m going to my first ever midnight release. So exciting! I’m still looking for some Ravenclaw-appropriate cotton for a headband. (I am NOT doing wool in an Oklahoma summer.)

Who do you think will/won’t make it through DH?

Will: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus, Tonks

Won’t: Snape, Pettigrew, Lord Moldyshorts, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, Neville sob, Luna, Percy Weasley

what about Draco??? will / won’t

I don’t think she could kill Harry … too much uproar … or could she … I hope not

ooh… me! me! :cheering: I’ll be upset if it doesn’t show up on my doorstep when it’s supposed to!

but thankfully I have another couple hundred pages of pynchon, another murakami, and then a bunch of monkey books, so the distractions are better than usual.

I heard she said she was offing Harry so no one could write continuations later, but if that were true I would doubt she meant it because that would kill some of the suspense.
I wouldn’t really mind if she did. Bu I don’t want Snape to die, though he probably will.

Me! :woot:

And no matter how hot it is, I’m wearing my Ravenclaw house sweater and Quidditch socks to the big downtown HP bash. It should be cool enough to wear a wool sweater and socks by midnight, right? :hot:

ME!!! I have it pre-ordered, and I can’t wait to read it.

I have mine pre-ordered as well but need to finish book 5 and 6 again. But I am so into knitting I can’t stop to read! In fact, my book 5 is at work, can’t read it if it’s at work! Silly me… Now I’m thinking of just reading book 6.

I won’t be getting mine on release day, a couple days after.

Very excited… This whole series has been something me, my son and husband will all read and discuss. My husband works at a huge chain store, so usually brings them home the same day. It is funny how secretive and protective they have to be with the books… they get them a couple of days before the release, and have to be VERY careful. You would think it was like top government secrets or something!! :rofling:

Looking forward to the next movie as well. :thumbsup: I have been overly impressed w/ how well they have taken the written descriptions in the book and put them to life… being a Stephen King fan, I have had more than my share of disappointments with book to movie experiences.

Have heard the rumours of Harry being offed as well… But not sure how there could be a good vs. evil acceptable outcome if that happens. ??? Unless they both die…

But have to agree, I should re-read the last one before I start the new one… my memory isn’t what it used to be.:pout:

OMG… I can hardly restrain myself!

I would LOVE to go to a midnight release… but I don’t think in the dead of winter (go Australia!) that it’s really adviseable, lest I end up with a cold and feel too sick to read :smiley:


I’ve had my copy pre-ordered on Amazon for at least six months now. I can’t wait!

Supposedly there’s a new book coming out later in the summer called “Tunnels” that will appeal to the Harry Potter fans (who by then are in mourning because there’s no more books coming). I’ll be sure to check that one out too! Unfortunately I can’t remember the author’s name and didn’t think to write it down when I read the article about the book.

would it be a shock if I said I’d never read a Harry Potter book? =D