July 21st, who's holding their breath?!


That’s ok Mulene … I’ve read mine enough times to take up your slack :teehee:


I didn’t think there was such a thing!!


i can’t wait. i think i’ll go to the store at midnight so i can get my copy.

i took the day off work so i can read all day.

Now that’s about the best idea I’ve heard in a LONG time!!!

I pre-ordered mine from Borders, but I think it’s supposed to be mailed to me. I think. I hope!

I do NOT want Harry to die. I think the poor kid deserves a break. I hope Hagrid doesn’t die either. If either of those two die, I’ll be heartbroken. I’m actually going to be a little sad when the whole thing is over anyway…

I work till 11:30pm, so I’ll be hitting up walmart (that’s where I managed to get a copy of book 6) at midnight that night!!!

I can’t wait either. Knitting will be put on hold as I read and read and read. I just re-read Half Blood Prince. It was my second reading so picked up a few details that I had forgotten. There is much analysis in my office. I read on JK Rowling’s web site that though she hesitates to admit it, this is her favorite book. Which gives me hope of things coming out right. At the end of Prince I was a bit down.

I would like for Snape to be a good guy in the end … don’t know if that could happen … oh and for Dumbledore to only be pretend dead!!!

Wishfull thinking :teehee:

I will be staying up until Midnight to get my copy. I’ve reread the books so many times I have lost count. So what house are y’ll in. I am a Ravenpuff.

I want Snape to be good, too, because I want him to be a more complex character. I want him to be one of the villains I can respect, even though I don’t like the things he does. I’ve always seen him as a Javert sort of character, and to have him just be a baddie through and through would make me feel sorta cheated.

I have no desire to go to a midnight release party. :ick: I worked at B&N when Half-Blood Prince came out. I have never cashiered so fast in my life. :shock:

Meeeeeeeee! My oldest is MAAAAAAAAD at me, cause I preordered it on Amazon, and it will get here when she is gone to her Dads over the summer.

I don’t want to go to a party either … .I just want to get the book and go … I’ll be in Chicago and my book will be arriving at my house in the UK … I’ll have two books - the US and the UK version

My mum has it pre-ordered as a birthday present…but my birthday is in SEPTEMBER!!! :help: I’ve no idea if she will be nice and give it me before then. She’s also bought the rest of the set for me. I’ve been borrowing them off my brother previously.

I have all the original hard covers. I’ve been buying them as they came out since book 3; 1 and 2 we got from the library. Mom and I were the first people on the waiting list because the librarian loves us. :teehee:

I can hardly keep myself busy enough so I don’t think about it. I hope they have a midnight party near me!!! Only how many more days?? :thud:

:chair::yay: Glad to hear it hehe :teehee: I really SHOULD get to read them sometime. I’ve seen one of the films, it was pretty good =D

Ooo!! I cannot wait!!! I’m going to both the book and movie midnight releases!! I took off from work both those nights and the next morning.

KH is going to be so quiet on the 21st! I know I’ve made it a plan to never ever go online until after I’m finished. Too many annoying people out there. (But, then again, I also read fast, so I’ll probably have it done by the afternoon on the 21st.)

I can’t wait!! :cheering::cheering:

I am so excited! I work at a book store part-time and I was first on the list for reservations- on December 26th. I have had a countdown on my calendar since it was announced.

The funny thing, I found the announcement of the release on the internet, checked all of the reliable sources (Bloomsbury and Scholastic) and called my store and broke the news to them!

I will work the release party (I am plainning it), get home about 2:30 in the morning, and read all night long (with my box of tissues- I will be crying cover to cover!) and then probably go back to work the next morning.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]In a place where ghosts run rampant and portraits of the dead talk, even if you kill a character off, they still can participate in the story! :teehee: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I’m looking forward to both book and movie this summer. My best friend, Frank, his husband and I are planning to go to the midnight party and stay up the rest of the night listening to the book. We do the audio books. Although I love reading, I just don’t allow myself the luxary of sitting and reading… If I have it on CD I can listen while doing everything else I have to do!:-P[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]