Jo Sharp Yarn in the US? Dr. Who Scarf!

Hello all!

I’m a real sci-fi nerd girl who took up knitting last year just to prove to myself that I could…and now I’m addicted!

Ouch, my right forearm hurts from making my first socks and my in-progress Irish Hiking Scarf.

Now time to embark on a very long, garter stitch Dr. Who scarf, I want to use Jo Sharp DK yarn (regular, not Silkroad) but can’t seem to find it online except from Aussie sources. Not at my local yarn store, either.

Are there any US sources for Jo Sharp yarn? It sounds perfect for the project (went to for pattern!).

Thanks in advance, you guys are great! :slight_smile:


Here are a couple.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

Ahh…to actually make and wear the Dr. Who scarf…I can hardly wait…

I really have got to get a life, hehe!


Ack! First store doesn’t have the colours I need, second doesn’t have the DK weight…!

Hmm…maybe I can email them, see if they can get order it cheaper than trying to buy it from Australia…


You might want to check ebay, too, if you’re into using it.

I might do that…I found 7 skeins of the colour “Embers” for 35.00, but really only need 2 balls of that for the scarf…

I’ve never used ebay for yarn, but may be the only way to get this particular yarn! :slight_smile:


Ok now I have bookmarked that site for myself. Hopefully I can clear my WIP’s and then do my Christmas stuff and finally make myself a Dr Who scarf of my very own. Nerdy girl that I was growing up part time in Scotland I loved Dr. Who (no literally a crush:inlove:). Now I must have that scarf. Which season are you making?

I made the regular multicolored one. (Not the maroon period one!) I didn’t use the required yarn, but substituted plain old cheap red heart and matched colors as well as possible. This was like 20 years ago and the color choices are much better now. The scarf??? Lost somewhere in a timewarp…

Woot! I’m making the Season 12, and from there, I’ll go on to the other seasons…ahhh…to wrap oneself in the Dr. Who scarf…hehe!

I spent many of my teenaged years wishing I was Sarah travelling with the Doctor…:heart:…glad to see there are other nerd girls like me!


Wow! I would LOVE to have that scarf…I thought about just mixing and matching, but since I FINALLY learned to really knit, feel it’s time to get some nice warm wool and knit, knit, knit…I can hardly wait to see how long the darn thing ends up being…luckily I’m tall so won’t drag the poor thing on the ground too much…

Need to knit and felt a HAT, too…if that’s possible!:oo:


LOL- I wanted to be Leela…

Most U.S. sources carry only a limited selection of Jo Sharp DK colors. The best I’ve seen is at Woodland Woolworks.

When I needed a lot of very specific colors I ordered from in Australia. They had every shade at good prices and the service was terrific. They must have a lot of American customers because their site gives both metric and US measurements. The yarn arrived quickly, considering the distance, and they even threw in a bonus knitting bag.

Thanks so much!

I went to the ozeyarn website this week, but wasn’t sure if I should order since I’m in the US, but now that I’ve heard your glowing review…that’s it, I’m ordering from them I think…! I’ll check out woolworks, too.

Oh, and Marykz, I’d like to be Leela, too…but don’t know how comfortable I’d be in that little brown leather outfit…hmmm…might be fun!:wink::wink:


don’t forget to show us pictures of your progress, and pictures of your yarn when you get it. dr. who yarn pOrn. oh my. :wink:

one of these days i’ll start my very own dr. who scarf, but first i need to pick which one i want to start with. :think:

there are a plenty knitting nerds on here. glad you came to join the ranks! :woot:

I did some rough figuring and that’s going to be one expensive scarf! Keep us posted! I’d love to have a wooley one, but I’m allergic,

I’ll definitely post my progress…and the pix of the lovely Aussie yarn that I hope to order Friday (payday!).

Yep…that will be one EXPENSIVE scarf…Chris (on really seems pleased with the results using Jo Sharp, and his scarves are just gorgeous.

Wonder how long it’ll take to knit using DK!? Ouch! Talk about knitter’s cramp…better buy some Advil now. One nice thing is that with garter stitch I can watch Dr. Who episodes while I knit…unlike the ol’ Irish Hiking Scarf!

So glad I finally signed up for the forums…I’ve been a lurker too long, hehe!


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve done that! mindless knitting is the only kind of knitting you can do while watching the good doctor 'cause goodness knows our brains are somewhere else! :teehee:

OK, just have to gloat a little. It’s soooo unusual that someone is looking for an Australian yarn instead of me trying to find an Aussie equivalent for a US yarn! The LYS down the street from me stocks Jo Sharp yarns of every imaginable hue. Used their Aran Tweed for a scarf recently, though they are not cheap!

Hope you find the one you’re looking for:p

You lucky Aussies! (shakes fist in air)

Time for me to emigrate methinks! :slight_smile:


i’ve decided that when i start my scarf (basically as soon as i can afford it after i [I]finally[/I] get that job) i’ll probably only get a skein or two at a time. it will take a while to knit the first couple of colors anyway, and i won’t be forking over a ton of money all at once. i think the end result will make it worth a few extra shipping costs.

[I]although[/I] i just checked the ozeyarn site and it’s less than five bucks a skein! :noway: oh joy!!! :cheering: now, i have absolutely no idea if this is average or whatever, but woolworks has it for $8.25 a skein. i will definitely be doing some math when the time comes to figure out what will be the cheapest site to get it from (including shipping). i can hardly wait! :yay: