January/February 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

A very Happy New Year to all!
What have you completed this month and what’s on your needles or hook?1 venice bienale

Maybe this is too big a stash?


No, never too much :star_struck:
Happy New Year Everyone
I’m knitting a baby car seat blanket for my daughter in law. She’s expecting in June and I’m praying all goes well for her this time :heart: I expect there’ll be many more baby items made as well, but I will try to finish off the socks, cardigan, shawl(s) (and there’s something else that slips my mind at the minute!!) wips I started last year, sigh!
What a start to the New Year - never any different!! :grinning:

Hsppy New Years to everyone. I am working on sewing a baby sweater together and i am making a baby pram set, a romper outfit, a blanket and a red and white crochet dress all for my girlfriends daughter who is due in February. I have already completed 2 dresses for her. For Christmas I made a close friends mother a shawl. I think this is enough to keep me busy for awhile. I will post pictures as i finish the items

Happy New Year!!

I made a little doll and managed to finish it before Christmas! :slight_smile: The color on the photo of her holding it are correct.


What a sweetheart! And the knit doll is adorable too, just the right size.

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Thank you! :heartbeat::heart:

Forgot to post the pattern - It should be noted here I didn’t follow the pattern as written. I used a few numbers, but chose to knit in the round and used a turkish cast on bottom up method for the dress. :slight_smile:

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, both the baby and the doll

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I have made a scarf for my younger cousin’s youngest daughter as a late holiday gift. (I say late holiday because my other cousin and her husband and stepson spent the holidays with her husband’s family a few weeks ago, and we have not had our usual holiday party where we give holiday gifts yet. They just got back a few days ago.) This is what it looks like:
Raspberry Swirl Scarf


Very pretty! The color change is lovely. I’m sure it’ll be a welcome gift.

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A little matinée coat( vintage Emu pattern)

and a blanket for a baby car seat :baby_bottle::smile:


The matinee jacket is just exquisite! What lovely work you do.
Love the blanket and its yarn, too.

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That is beautiful i love baby outfits. I am currently working on a number of outfits. Love the mint green. Could you give me the names of the patterns?

Thank you salmonmac, you really are very kind. I haven’t found buttons for it yet. Perhaps, if they find out what sex they’re expecting, I’ll know better what to look for!

Thank you trisha54. The matinée coat is an old Emu pattern no: 8496 and I made the blanket up from bits of this and that
This is the link to my project notes, if they’re of any use to you (or, if you can make sense of any of it!! :smile:)

I’m STILL working on a baby blanket for my third granddaughter, who was born on Nov. 17 2017

No Wait!! It’s crocheted. Oh well.

Thsnk you so much for the information

Well, knit or crocheted, we’re looking forward to a photo.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes:
I am working on a Fair Isle Vest, through Craftsy.com. It is a pattern of Mary Jane Mucklestone’s

Here is my version!