Italian yarn!

At the risk of bragging (ok, I guess I am) I have to tell you guys about my recent yarn purchase in Florence, Italy. I found (well, not literally found, but saw in a forum) the address to the “holy grail” of yarn stores. Boy, she wasn’t kidding when she called it tha!. The name is Filati Campolmi at Via Portinari Folco, 19/R Prices 1.5 euro per certain # grams, varied by fiber. I got all 100% wool, 20 100g balls, 800g purple and 800g varigated for 124.00 USD! 10 balls of wool cost that in some places around here. I only I had brought a giant empty suitcase :doh:

Now to figure out what to make… :XX:

VERY nice, Kemp!!! I would never think of checking out yarn stores when travelling abroad…well, I WILL NOW!

I wonder if there is a yarn store in Costa Rica?? :thinking:

Oh, how gorgeous! Lucky you!

The only thing that made me think about it was seeing that post! Wish I could remember where I saw it so I could thank her. If I ever go again, I am going to figure out a way to bring home more! I could sell some of it on ebay to pay for my own habit :slight_smile:


no…unfortunately not!!! Wasn’t my presence up until now missed!!! :thinking: haha

Good to be away, but also good to be home :slight_smile:

ooooo it’s gorgeous!!! I might order some… hopefully the italian yarn comes with an italian man, too…

Ohhhh, I’d be careful what you wish for Hildy!!!


:thinking: hmmm…strangely enough, I didn’t see any gorgeous Italian men…then again mabye I was too busy looking at the yarn! :slight_smile: They also didn’t seem quite as nice as here (the men, not the yarn)

Oh, thanks. Now I have drool all over my keyboard.

Love the variegated on the right! Wish I could see the purple better…


I may have to travel just to get yarn. :thinking: ***palms begin to sweat just thinking about flying.***

Yarn… FROM… Italy… bought… IN… Italy!! :shock:
envy envy envy[/color]

:heart: I know! I can’t believe it either! If anyone has suggestions about what I should make with them let me know :thumbsup:

I think you should make me a sweater. :thumbsup:
Just let me know when you need my measurements.

:roflhard: should’ve seen that one coming! Wool would be too warm for you in Fla. anyway :slight_smile:

Nonsense. I’ll wear it inside, with my AC set to 50. Just trust me. :smiley:

Oh my, dio mio… you can make so many beautiful things. That baby blue will look great on you. How about a sweater or a small fancy lacy sweater? Or a wrap, like a ballet wrap… you know, long sleeves but short and then the ties wrap around in back to tie. I saw a great lacy one in this old magazine I have but you have to be able to do a complicated pattern. Sort of complicated not too.

There are so many things with yarn that beautiful. !

I think anything would look great. :XX: I would make it something :smiley: special.

That ballet wrap sounds really pretty…can you tell me where to find the pattern? I like haivng a sweater or wrap for the evenings and that sounds like it would be perfect!

I think something special too…I just don’t want to wait so long looking for the perfect thing that I don’t use it!