Invitation for KAL of the Egeblad & Other Circular Lace Beauties

Several of us have started or finished this gorgeous doily and made it into centerpieces or blankets.

I am working on an extension for anyone wanting to make it larger than the original 87 rounds. Have also counted the stitches per round since the original pattern doesn’t have this info.

You’ll need double pointed needles or circulars and the pattern has lots of lacy stitch directions. Not difficult at all. If you’d like to learn lace, this is a good one to learn on. Guage is not extremely important and the possibilities are endless. This would be a wonderful gift for anyone as a doily, tablecloth or blanket.

Hope you’ll join us! :muah:

I’m almost done making Alita in worsted weight yarn and really enjoyed making it. I just have to finish the edging.

The Egeblad is definitely on my list to do in worsted, as well. I have a couple of things to finish, so hopefully this will still be going when I’m ready to jump in!

Oh yes, the Alita is on my list as well!
Did you see this one:

Awesome! I think I’ve become a lace fanatic!

Mary, I can’t wait to see your completed Egeblad with the extended pattern.

Ingrid, Please post pics when you are finished. I’m curious to see how big yours will be using worsted weight.

I’m on Rnd 60 of the Alita…it was suppose to be a Mother’s Day gift for MIL but I don’t see that happening. I’m using Cascade EcoWool with Size 10 needles.

I really enjoy making these into Doily Throws…they are beautiful!!

I just wanted to share a pic of my completed Eceblad.

It’s absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this!

The one I’m doing to test the extensions is out of an inexpensive(cheap), cotton slub yarn, about a size 10 and using size 2 needles so it will look alot smaller than yours. I wanted to make sure that the extensions were right before I do one in a worsted weight or spent alot of bucks on a nicer yarn. It’s looking okay, can’t really tell with it being a bag right now.:teehee:

These are just too beautiful to wait for. I’ll have to go through my stash to at least get started :cheering:

It came out beautiful! I hope mine looks 1/8 of what yours looks like. And I’ll be extremely happy!
I’m in Mary! Thanks for starting it. YAY. I’ll have to start it when I get back. Hmmmm what color… I have a few colors to try it out it.
What do you peeps think? Lighter or darker?

Woohoo! Glad you started this up because my mom chose Egeblad
as the pattern she wanted me to make up and I’m getting ready
to start. I plan to do a test knit to make it just as a doily first then
make it as a blanket so I look forward to seeing your extensions!

Libbie :slight_smile:

I’ve knitted 77 rounds so far in Beaverslide McTaggart Tweeds. I just added my third 4.5oz skein on round 76 so I think I’ll have enough to finish. It should last until round 89 according to my calculations and there are only 87. It’s getting really big! I have about 36" so far so it will finish at maybe 42" unblocked.

I would recommend doing this in Eco, Beaverslide or another heavier weight yarn instead of worsted because it’s a lovely textured pattern and it goes so fast! I think this will end up costing $27 to make, which is awesome for a lace blanket.

I’m hoping I can finish and block this weekend!

Oh Goodie!!! I WANNA SEE!!! Great bargain, too! What size needles are you using?

My experimental extended Egeblad continues… on round 62, final approach! Only 25 more to gooooooooooooo!!! I’ll explain the “final approach” soon. I think it’s going to be just fine with the extensions.

I vote for lighter! :flirt: :flirt: Glad you’ve taken time away from your tropical trip to join in! :muah:

Cant wait to see a photo of the finished egeblad. is this a practice run or the real deal for you.

YAY!!! :cheering: :cheering: Mom has GREAT taste! I have the extensions written up and will post them this evening!

If you have any questions, let me know!

May 6, 2008

Extension of Egeblad

Rounds 1-81 Use original pattern
For rounds not noted Knit
Increase rounds have total number of sts in ()
The extension rounds will increase the pattern stitches double and the Egeblad will have 40 points upon completion with a total of 720 stitches.

Ext Round 82: *K6, yo, k3, yo, k6 (340 sts)
Ext Round 84: ->5 *Yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, k5, sk2p, k4
Ext Round 86: *Yo, k3, yo, k2, (yo, k3) x 2, sk2p, k3 (380 sts)
Ext Round 88: *Yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k3, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, k3, sk2p, k2
Ext Round 90: *Yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k6, yo, skp, k2, yo, k1, sk2p, k1
Ext Round 92: *Yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k8, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, sk2p
Ext Round 94: *Yo, k2, skp, yo, k10, yo, skp, k2, yo, k1 (420 sts)
Ext Round 96: *K1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, k2, skp, k6, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k2 (440 sts)
Ext Round 98: ->3 *Yo, k4, yo, k4, yo, skp, k4, yo, k4, yo, k4(520 sts)
Ext Round 100: *Yo, k5, yo, k2, sk2p, k3
Ext Round 101: Knit

After Ext Round 101, return to original pattern row 52. Follow pattern from row 52 to row 87.

Right now it’s a blobbo but I took a photo to show the chunkiness and uploaded it to Ravelry. I’m knitting this on 10’s, but when I do the next one, I think I’ll use 10.5’s. The McTaggart Tweeds are very hearty. The last one I did was a Fisherman weight and I used US9’s, but the non-MT fisherman weight yarns are a little lighter. It’s going to be much more open when I finish, but it’s squished onto a 60" cable and I couldn’t really spread it out for a nice photo op.

On Ravelry, the photo of the yarn is a true color shot. The indoor photos of my Egeblad look like pea soup, but it’s much lovelier than that.

For the extension rounds, do you go back to 52 or 82 after the extra round 101?


Yes, I actually had to backtrack and go back to round 32 in order to pick up stitches that increased, then moved onto round 51, changing and counting as I went to make sure I had the sts to knit on. If this makes any sense. At any rate, by round 50 or Ext Round 100 there were twice the sts on the needles and that makes it possible to pick up at 52 and begin the “final approach”.

Let me make sure I’ve explained this correctly…
Knit using the original pattern from rows 1 through 81
Then start using the “Extension” pattern from Extension Round 82 through 101.
Now, return to the original pattern row 52 and follow through to row 87, binding off per instructions.

Please note:
The original pattern has a total of 20 scallops or points when completed.

Using the original pattern rows + extended rounds + original pattern rows will end with a total of 40 scallops or points.

In order to figure guage, you’ll need to do a swatch, paying attention to the row guage, instead of st guage and double it because it is circular. Row guage should help you figure the size per the number of rounds knitted.

The original pattern has 87 rounds.
The extended pattern has 135 rounds.

Hope I made this clearer without confusing anyone.

I cast on this morning “just to see” and now I’m on round 47 or so. Thank you so much for figuring out the extensions. I’ll probably work this until I run out of yarn. Here’s what I have so far.

I also pulled out the Alita, which is knit in Dreams in Color yarn. I’m adding a knitted edge from another pattern, and that seems to be taking forever even though it’s only 8 stitches across. I’ll have to make myself do a certain number of inches (feet?) each day.

Both gorgeous! What size needles? I keep asking this because once I get off the size 2s, I’ll be good and ready to use some larger!

However! I keep seeing this delicious “Lace Sample” advertisement at the top of the page from Knitpicks and eventhough it would take using the smaller needles, the “Sunset Picnic” keeps calling my name. mary, mary, aren’t we inviting? Wouldn’t you just love to run us through your fingers? LOL!

I used a 9 with the green one, and am using 8 with the Egeblad, mostly because my long 9’s are still tied up. :shifty:

Really, though, the 8’s are working out great.