Interesting Article: MSNB.COM

Oh dear god, I’m a tattooed, knitting videogamer, what’s wrong with me!

I’m a tattooed knitter! And proud of it! :yay:

Also tattooed knitter here!

Thats some interesting statistics. I’m in the teen knitters group, but I’m not in the USA so I guess I don’t count, I’d love to see if the figures are similar for the UK.

Gosh, I’ve been knitting since I was 5, getting inked since I was 19. I’ve given up on my dream to be a military sniper though. The sniper rifle takes up too my room in my knitting bag;)

damn…I’m 20something, mom, knitting obsesed, tattooed, video game playing… and while I would like the aim and talent a sniper possesses, no desire to become a sniper…and here I was SOOOO close to being included in all of his categories…LMAO

Oh no, I am left handed and a knitter. Better get that tattoo I’ve been yearning for and make it a hat trick. I have been wanting to find a good ol’ NES system with Super Mario Bro.'s too.

I never knew that I was so … typical! :aww:

Even tho I am not 45 (41) I am a videogamer knitter…

my DD love to play “Guitar Hero” and she has gotten me hooked.

Tattoos, yes. Video games, uh huh. Knitting, oh yes…

Sniper practice takes up way too much knitting and gaming time! I really don’t have time for another hobby.


dude…but a wii. The new games are freaking awesome plus, you can Download a shitload of old NES games. :slight_smile: I still LOVE playing Super Mario Brothers, only downside is that nobody in my house wants to play it with me anymore…they’re tired of loosing…LOL

I’m glad to know that while knitters fit into many of his categories, it sounds like we’re [I]not [/I]snipers.

Dood! It’s about the authenticity and nostalgia … plus … I am not cool enough, nor do I have the moola, for a Wii.

I am soooo way ‘out of the loop’ here! :pout:

I’m not inked, I’ve never played a video game…and I’ve been knittin’ for a lonnng lonnng time.

[COLOR=Blue][I][B] But I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad y’all are here, too![/B][/I][/COLOR] :grphug:

:cheering: :cheering::cheering:There’s room for everyone at the table! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

Yay! I’m a knitting video gamer! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

My favorite games are RPG’s. I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series and the Legend of Zelda series

Another tattooed, video-gaming knitter here. We just bought a Wii (even though I’d been looking, 2 weeks ago was the first time I actually saw one in a store) and yes, it is sooo much fun. I want to get the Zelda: Twilight Princess game, but I told myself it would be my reward for when I finally got EVERYTHING unpacked. :teehee:

No Tattoo’s… ( And I don’t want one. ) I’m 50…

I started knitting when I was about 10, then found better things to do. LOL

Then I started knitting again wehn I found out I could make money at it. Then quit again.

And now I’m knitting AGAIN! And ENJOY it just for knitting![/COLOR][/B]

I am a left handed, video game playing, tattooed knitter and mom… and proud of it! hehe

The microsurge in knitting among teens? It represents a turning away from the prevalent online obsession of most young Americans. “People are looking for new outlets of self-expression,” says Penn. “There is a premium on individuality that is rapidly rising.”

:teehee: i am not a teen knitter, but seriously, do they know how many knitters are online?? I also like how they correlated the rise in sales of fashion yarn to teen knitters…:rofl: bucket of fun fur anyone?

I’m a 20 something, Wii owning, knitter with no tattoos unfortunately, but only because my mom would disown me. There’s that Jewish cemetary thing too.

Let’s just say that knitters now have a lot more voting power. BOO-YAH!

Who wants to advocate for more tax breaks for knitters?