Interesting Article: MSNB.COM

Heck yea I would vote for that!!! Someone has to keep the sheep farmers and all the other farmers in business! LOL… Wel lI am a cough thirty something new knitter who has a tattoo, likes to play video games, and well… I like to shoot, hubby is a sniper but not me…

How odd! I’m almost 44, no tattoos, don’t play video games, and I just started knitting. Apparently I don’t fit with the masses.

What an interesting article! I’m a social sciences major, and anything like this just fascinates me. Throw in knitting, and I’m totally gaga for it.

I’m also taking a political science class right now (well, two actually). We have to post an article each week, and I’m going to use this for my next assignment since it has political stuff in it. I will, of course, put in a little plug for knitting. :thumbsup:

Oh, and I’ve been knitting since the summer of '06, and I have played video games…not much time lately though. But, I had to laugh at the Super Mario Brothers thing. I [I]totally[/I] get it! When I got married, I jokingly told my sister’s bf’s parents that I wanted a Nintendo. They were quite well off, so when we got back from our honeymoon, we had a system waiting for us. It was too sweet! I was hooked. We still have it, along with the Super Nintendo. I just love the Donkey Kong games too!!! I can’t seem to get all the buttons going correctly on the Playstation systems…too darned confusing, so I just press them all at once. :teehee:

Oh, and no tattoos here, although sometimes I think it would be okay to have a small one (maybe a soccer ball or a cross) over my ankle.

And I’m a soccer mom. But I vote Republican. I’m not sure I fit into the article’s stereotype very well. Ah well, I’ll leave the political arguing to my PS classes.