Increasing and decreasing


How to keep pattern when increasing and decreasing?



It depends on the pattern and on how many sts you are increasing or decreasing each time. In general, you may have to give up a pattern repeat or adjust a rib in order to inc or dec stitches.

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or just a pattern name?


Hi thanks for replying I meant keeping the pattern going during increasing and decreasing


Yes, that’s what I was thinking of too. You can’t keep the exact same pattern if you’re increasing and decreasing. Either give up the pattern repeat at the inc or dec (lace for example) or adjust the pattern (a rib might change from k2,p2 to k2, p1 at a dec).
The important thing is to maintain the pattern outside the inc or dec.


Hi salmonmac,

I had a project “ Cable and Lace cardigan” , where I had this challenge. There was no instruction except to just maintain pattern, while you decrease. I just eye balled and watched pattern trying to maintain it. That was challenging since I had never done it before, and there were no specific directions. Sure would have been nice to have that worked out for me,

Here is a picture of the cardigan.



Nice sweater!


Wow, did you ever work this out! Really stunning sweater, so beautifully done.
Basically, i just eyeball it too. As long as the pattern contiues, it’s good


Beautiful sweater, thanks not easy

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