Maintaining pattern?

hi I have a pattern which is k5,p2 'k2,p2,k7,p2,k6,p2 to last 9 sts, k2,p2,k5 I start with 46 sts the increase to 56 sts then to 86 sts with the increases 1st each end how do I keep the pattern thank you.

I like to keep the edge stitch as a knit stitch if it will become part of a seam and I like to increase one stitch in from the edge. To do that I keep the increase as a knit stitch so that on the increase row there are 2 knit sts at the edge. On the next row incorporate the increase stitch into the pattern.
What pattern are you using? Can you give us the pattern name or a link to a photo?

hi thanks for replying its king cole dk 3195 pattern cable and rib sweater.

Very nice.

You just want to maintain the columns of rib and cable. When you get to the cable row and you have enough sts to work the cable (in addition to the edge sts), go ahead and do the cable cross. Until then, keep that column is stockinette.

thank you for your help.