If you had $100 to spend at knit picks what would you buy?

My hubby just told me I can buy $100 worth of yarn at knit picks so that I can get a stash of yarn (he is sooo sonderful and I didn’t even ask!)

So…since I don’t really have any have to make projects in mind which kinds of yarn should I go with…what would you do?

Oh my! It mostly depends on what you like to knit, so you know what weight to buy. I’m in love with merino right now, so I’d probably find a project for that in worsted. I’d love to try Andean Treasure for sport weight. Elegance looks yummy, too.

LOL, when I was give a gift cert for $100…lol…I got sock yarn…yep…all sock yarn :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance:
But, it’s all in what you like…they have LOADS of yummy accessories and very good books as well as the yarn…it’s a hard call…if I had another $100 I would probably go accessory/book crazy :thumbsup:
Your hubby is a VERY GOOD knitter’s husband…like mine…u r very lucky… :wink: Mine is constantly buying knitting things for me or doing just as your has said…give him a big pat on the back from me :wink: !!

I would search for a few patterns that you are dyin to try first & get SOME idea of what you want…

I LOVE Elegance! It has SUCH a nice sheen and is SOOOOOO soft! Im also dyin to try some Decadence after Julie has sung its praises so many times…

And, if you DO get one book, Id make it The Knitters’ Bible.

If you don’t have specific projects in mind, I’d say go with a couple of the Sampler sets at least. There are now sets with one of every color of Palette, Wool of the Andes, Merino Style, Andean Silk & Silk Twist, and Simple Stripes. These are definite stash builders. :happydance:


[color=darkblue]If it were “ME”, I would buy:
Simple Stripes Sampler $39.99
Ball Winder $41.99
Modular Knits Book $12.57
TOTAL: $94.55

Brilliant Susie–ball winder [size=2]and a swift is a good addition, too![/size].
Then you can ask for money for even more yarn!! You’ll need to roll any hanks into balls, so why not be prepared?

I :heart: Andean Silk…it knits up so well. It’s not machine washable, though.

ooooooooooooo man 100 at knitpicks!!! the possibilities are endless!!!

I am :heart: in love :heart: wither merino style. I would buy 2 merino style samplers :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I’ve seen a photo of a swift but haven’t really checked it out. I’m assuming it is some sort of winder but why would I need one if I had a ball winder?
I’d like another $100 for yarn too. :slight_smile:

A swift holds the hand as you wind it into a ball.

[color=darkblue]I guess I’m not understanding. I don’t need anyone to hold my hand to wind yarn. :roflhard:
I’ll do some research on it.
Thanks my forever on line friend,


Looks like you could make THIS one for $5, maybe?

Funny typo! :roflhard:

A swift holds the HANK as you wind it. You know, so your child/DH/dining room chair doesn’t have to. :wink:

Duh!! I should really read what I write!! It holds the SKEIN!

HEY! Some of us need a little hand-holding when it comes to winding yarn from a hank. Just ask our Ya-Ya Caro. She nearly ripped her ears off yesterday winding my yarn for me…

I had previously tangled up a skein of $$$ yarn, and have been afraid to touch a hank since…what a sweetie, she is!

[color=darkblue]Denise, Julie, and Ingrid,
Thanks, I get it now. :slight_smile:
You can use your ball winder to wind and your swift to hold the Hank.
Thanks for the photos.
Will have to see if we can get instructions on how to make the homemade one. :slight_smile:


:roflhard: I was so lost on the swift thing too!

Hmm…so I need one of these swift things? ugh…

I’ve never had to roll my own yarn yet, I don’t think Im looking forward to that.

Yea, You need a yarn swift so that you don’t end up with this mess like I did.


It’s not like that anymore, in fact I did happen to make a purse out of it, but man it took forever to untangle portions of that. I wound that sucker with a ghetto nostepine (sp?) made out of two nails on a yard of wood. Swifts wind them so much better so that they don’t tangle as easily or at all (never tried one out)… I have to wind my balls by hand, but I’m sure with a ball winder and a swift combined it would be so tidy and no tangles :slight_smile:

With 100 dollars, I’d get a swift and ball winder, some 12 skeins of WOTA light blue yarn for Rogue from girlfromauntie.com and A skein or so of gossamer in the blue/green variegation.