If you had $100 to spend at knit picks what would you buy?

But the swift is $62.50 and the ball winder is $41.99. That’s $104.49!!! Unless she has an extra budget to get some yarn with that…

More and more, I love the looks of the homemade swifts I’ve been seeing around here. :wink:


oh… hehe, then I’d get the yarn and one or the other of the two - I’m not great with numbers lol.

There are SO many ways to get BWs and swifts for LESS than that. EBay being the most common.

Also, most LYSs will wind your purchased hanks for you…

mmmmm, Decadance

I felt up Hilde’s merino style too though and it is very nice!

I’d definitely have to get some decadence, too.

what size swift would I need?

Most are adjustable to the hank length.

Mmmm…Decadence…I am knitting with it again right now and it’s SO fabulous. :heart: