If you could buy any, which needles would you buy?

Hi all,

As a beginner I am wondering what kind of needles I should buy. I am into quality over quantity and anything that would make knitting go smoother would be great. The first needles I bought were bamboo and they were ok, but I think maybe they are better suited to a different yarn. I also have plastic circular that I am using as regular needles (no join)…I read that as a tip somewhere, but I am not sure I agree. It seems a little cumbersome and also the transition from the join part to the needle catches. Any opinion on that?

So much of it is just personal preference. I have so many different kinds of needles. My all-around most used and loved are my Denise Interchangeable needles. I have some Addy Turbo Circulars in the sizes smaller than my Denise set has & I love those too. I am a big fan of Clover bamboo double points for projects that call for those. I own a set of the Boye interchangeable needles now, due to a 50% off coupon at Michaels, but I’ve never even opened the package.

Seems like the interchangeable needles are a pretty good idea…initally expensive but then you are set! Do yours seem to catch where the needle and cord join?

I love my denise’s, and they dont catch.

If money weren’t an issue, I would every size and length in circular Addi’s. I’ve only worked with dpn once and I used Susan Bates; I have no complaints about them. But I haven’t tried any other brand dpn, so I can’t really say for sure. One thing I do know is that I would definately avoid wood. :wink:

thanks…are curcular addi’s that much better than denise interchangable?

I’ve not used Denise interchangables yet, but I have zero gripes about addis (except the price tag :wink: but this a hypo situation, right? :D) Anyhoo … I’m growing less fond of ordering things online and I haven’t found Denise Interchange retail near me; so until I do, I highly doubt that I’ll be trying them.

at least somewhat hypo :slight_smile: Why no shopping online??? I am in love with it! I think the only store I actually go to anymore is the grocery (oh, and hobby lobby). I would do grocery online too, but they don’t have it in my area! :frowning:

I like the variety of online ordering, but I’m too frugal :eyebrow: for those shipping and handling charges. (Let’s not forget having to WAIT for delivery.) And then there’s the hassle of exchanging and returning if either are needed. I also use a PO Box exclusively and some online vendors won’t ship to POBs, so sometimes there are additional charges associated with POB deliveries. I especially loathe it when companies tell me they ship via UPS and they “can’t” ship to POBs. That’s entirely correct; while UPS cannot physcally deliver to a POB, they can ship packages to a local UPS port. The port then mails a little slip to the POB telling me to pick up my package at XYZ port (or, of course, call Customer Service to provide a physical address for delivery). I always pick up :wink:

The S&H charges are the main reason I don’t like it. Once S&H is tacked on, there really isn’t that much of a savings. Some websites have those offers for free S&H if the order is over $??.??. Seven times out of ten, I can’t afford that minimum at a specific given time. :rollseyes: I’m also a “touchy feely” shopper, so I sometimes save up to those minimums and order some stuff that I’ve already touched and felt in retail shops. What a process I go through … :wall: :wink:

probably a good habit anyway…way too easy to shop from the comfort of your chair! I did notice however that when I went to the site that Amy posted knitpicks.com, you get free shipping after $30…they also had inexpensive wool…1.79/100gm I think??? No idea if they ship to p.o box though. That is a pain I’m sure, but much safer from identity theft that way!

[color=indigo]I bought the Boye Circular Kit and was happy with them except for them coming unscrewed…THEN I got an Addi Turbos circular. They are wonderful.

Now I am buying them whenever I need a new size. My 9 yo DD :XX: got one for Easter.

They are pricey but definitely worth it. Thankfully my LYS sells them.[/color]

I just checked ebay and they seem to be going from $10-20…what is “normal” retail for Addi turbos?

The Denise interchangeable needles don’t catch, nor do the Addi’s. The Denises only go down to size 5 though, so below that, I buy the Addi’s. The Denises are a tremendous value & they are sooooo lightweight. Also they are airline approved, if you fly at all.

The Denises are incredibly easy to snap together too & they stay secure. I’ve never had one “un-snap” or anything. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

I guess you really asked for a comparison of the Denises & Addi’s…I like the feel of both of them very much, even though the Addi’s have a metal feel & the Denises are a lighter, resin material. The two together meet all of my knitting needs, except for the double pointed needles & then I’m a fan of Clover bamboo.

Let me say though that for years & years I knit with whatever needles I could get at Walmart or wherever and they worked just fine. As I get older and have a little more arthritis and a little more money, I get pickier.
:slight_smile: kimmie

It depends on the size. I think the smaller sizes/diameters start at about $14 or so a pair (I don’t have any smaller sizes, so I’m guessing), while the larger sizes get as high as $26 a pair.

hehe…my arm is already getting sore, and I’ve only been knitting a week! Sooo…I am all for the lighter even if they cost a bit more. I am a golfer too, so I am use to equipment prices! :slight_smile: I think you are right in the value on the Denise set…sounds like that might be the “solution” for me.

1to1 - perhaps you need to use the little metal stick with a round end on one and the little rubber round thing to tighten your joins on the Boyes.

I had a problem with them coming apart too until I learned it was operator error! I put metal through the hole in the cable and hold while turning needle with rubber thing. If you have a join in cable - then use a metal thing in both sides and turn them opposite.

Never had a problem after that!


I admit it. I’m a snob. If I could only use bamboo I would. I just can’t affford it so I have lots of different things. Addis work good for more itchy wool or thicker yarns. The onlly thing I don’t like is they feel cold in cold weather.

I’m knitting with bamboo for the first time this week…can any experienced bamboo knitters tell me if the smell goes away? I like the feel but my hands smell so woody, it’s kind of icking me out. :shock:

Jouf, I did tighten them often–don’t get me wrong I did like them. I just like the feel of the Addi’s they are soooo smooth.

Hi Julie,
I haven’t ever noticed a smell to my bamboo double points. I can only think of two possible reasons why you are smelling them…either your sniffer works better than mine does, or you are using a different type of bamboo needles. I have only used Clover, so I don’t know about other brands.