I just HAVE to brag just a bit

[B]I, [/B][B]YES I, The.Knitter,[/B] the one who is all thumbs usually, the one that has attempted knitting in the round so many times and messed it up so badly that I thought it was not possible for me to do it, but [B]YES[/B] I have to brag! I just finished my first ever row of knitting in the round. Yayyyyy me!!! There are no ladders, the join is nice and clean, the stitches were not twisted, and I have now knit my first row of ribbing to make [B]MY VERY FIRST SOCK!![/B]

OK, so now [B]I AM VERY EXCITED[/B]! I was not going to do any more knitting today. I had put all my knitting things away. However [B]I[/B] [B]WAS[/B] sitting in my knitting chair still [B]BUT I WAS NOT [/B]going to knit again tonight!!! Yeah, right! I hate a challenge… it gives me insomnia.

I just [B]HAD[/B] to try just one more time to knit in the round. I was sitting right beside that beautiful bag Silver had mailed to me. It has the sock yarn in it, the brand new DPN’s, a fresh pad and pen, and a few plastic stitch markers. In short it was all ready for me to learn knitting in the round.

Once again I read Silver’s tutorial, and again I watched Shandeh’s YouTube on joining and for some reason this time it just clicked.

So, [B]YES, I KNIT IN THE ROUND![/B] Hey, I know, I know, it’s only one row. I can hear you all chuckling and thinking “she knit a row, big deal”. But it is one more row than the last time I attempted to make a sock, which was last week some time… [B]AND[/B] I still have all my hair, and most of my sanity! I didn’t even put an eye out with all those pointy needles sticking out everywhere.

I think I am going to be able to do this “knitting in the round” thing. I think once I get used to it, it might even be addictive. Socks only take two balls of yarn. I could do this and not go bankrupt (remember I can’t knit with wool, so I have to use either silk, bamboo, acrylic or cotton, all of which are not [B]REALLY[/B] expensive).

[B]Thanks so much Silver and Shandeh for the wonderful tutorials!!![/B]

Anyways, now I think [B]I[/B] [B]WILL[/B] put away my knitting for the night (in my wonderful bag from Silver) and come back to it nice and fresh tomorrow, so that I can knit in the round some more!!!

:woot: :woohoo: :woot: :woohoo: :woot:

Great going!!! :woot: :grphug: :woot:

good for you Knitter! I am excited for you! Knit on! (Or round, rather!)

Good for you. We will soon be seeing the completed sock.

Uh oh…I sense a knitting monster emerging from the shadows…


Look out…before long you’ll be knitting a booga bag (knit in the round, of course).

So glad you are getting the hang of it!!!

You’re very welcome! I’m so glad my little video helped! :slight_smile:

Exactly! I feel the same way. Socks are the only project I can afford to make with NICE yarn! :thumbsup:

Brag away! It’s a wonderful thing! I finished my first sock 2 weeks ago, so you would think I had this knitting in the round thing downpat, but no. I had to start the second sock 3 times, because the join just sucked. However, tonight, I seemed to have magic fingers, because it just clicked. I now have an inch done, when it seemed I just couldn’t get past the first few rows! So, congratulations to you!!! I share your excitement, since I feel well on the way to completing my second sock now!


I think, given the fact that this is the first time I have ever knit in the round, I will make this pair tube sox. That way I will get some practice knitting in the round, I will learn how to decrease for the toe and how to do the Kitchener Stitch. Then the next pair I knit, I will get some really yummy yarn (which means I get to do some serious yarn porn) and make real sox.

The yarn I have for this pair is nice, it’s soft, it’s a beautiful colourway called Seashore and I like it, but I would like for my first pair of REAL sox to be a pair that I LOVE. I will use this pair as much needed practice.

Thanks for all your support. I am on the fourth round of ribbing and all seems to be going well so far.

Hey, you’re on your way! I MUCH prefer to knit projects in the round, versus having to do any seaming. Another nice thing about socks is that they make a nice, inexpensive gift that absolutly wows most people.

WTG my friend . I am so happy that you are excited. I am sure you will produce many FO’s in the round fro us to see in the future. :slight_smile:

Go The.Knitter :cheering:! Once you start with it, you can’t stop! Now all kinds of really great projects are open to you and you can alternate patterns with seams to be knit in the round :thumbsup:

You rock! I soooo waaaay have to forge ahead and learn to knit socks! I am so intimidated about the heel and gusset areas. I can feel myself chickening out right now, as I type! I looked at, and studied, Silver’s plain sock tutorial (on dpn’s)…and I chickened out.

Maybe I should spring the cash for a class. :shrug: I need someone to hold my hand through the process.

Do y’all recommend DPN’s…or MAGIC LOOP…and then, from the ribbing down to the toe??? or “toe up socks”???

Which is easiest??

good job! i think that you’ll do fine i could make a sock and a half and still survive! :passedout: :roflhard:

Hey, c’mon! You’re a hell of a knitter and you chicken out?! DPN’s or ML - go for it! We’re here to support :thumbsup:. What technique do you use on small round projects, DPN’s or ML? Try both, see what’s more comfortable for you. I like both, but you’ll find a lot of people who would never touch DPN’s and others that are in love with them. Start step by step. I never let myself be intemidated by an explanation or pattern. Read it once and then begin row by row and you’ll find out that it’s not hard at all and before you know it - you’ll see the heel and the gusset done:cheering:

Be still my heart!!! Did I just see ArtLady telling me I can do something she cannot do in knitting and that I ROCK? Oh now my day is complete! Thanks so much for the compliment. It means a lot to me, coming from you!


I am cheating with this pair of socks because I have never knit in the round before. I am making a pair of tube socks, top down, for my first ever pair. This way I am learning knitting in the round, decreasing at the toe and kitchener stitch with this pair of socks and the next pair I will learn how to do the gusset and the heel. I am using DPN’s this time around, but after I get good at knitting in the round I am going to try ML. Each person is different but I have a tube sox pattern if you want to try that first. If you’d like the pattern, please PM me with your e-mail address.

Have a great day and thanks! I could not have done this without the inspiration from members here and without Silver and Shandeh’s tutorials. :hug:

I have a deal for you, ArtLady. You come on down to Florida, show me how to knit a sweater or something else, cause you are the KNITTING GURU, and I’ll show you how to knit socks.

You know you wanna see the beach…


So here is a picture of the one inch I have knit in the round so far. It is in ribbing, but at least it shows that I got this far with no difficulties. You can also see the wonderful On The Town Knitting Bag that Silver mailed to me in the background of the picture… and from the looks of it, I did manage to get the date changed on my digital camera!


You totally rock! :slight_smile: Awesome job on the sock! I would recommend going ahead and doing a heel on your socks as well, just for the practice before you get out the “super nice” sock yarn. :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! I just love it when something finally clicks! It’s very exciting! I can’t wait to see your first sock!