I just HAVE to brag just a bit

My 15yo daughter made her first pair of socks using the basic sock chart and Silver’s sock tutorial. She was there to guide me through the heel and the gusset! You can do it!

Silver’s Sock Tutorial

Basic Sock Chart

The basic sock chart has used up its bandwidth for the month, though and you will have to wait until Febuary 1st to see it.

Way to go on your first sock! :woohoo:

ArtLady, you might want to try making a TINY sock first, which will teach you all the basics of sock construction quickly. You could give the socks to charity, or just make one sock, and use it as a keychain.

I’ll look for the link for a tiny sock pattern, and post it later.

Here is the link for the tiny sock, and also a link for a good first sock, using DK or sportweight yarn.

Tiny Socks - [U][COLOR=#003399]http://cidermoon.com/cm0126.html[/COLOR][/U]
Those tiny socks are PERFECT for learning the basics of sock construction quickly. The little socks can be used as a keychain or gift decoration.

Campfire Socks - [U][COLOR=#003399]http://cidermoon.com/cm0120.html[/COLOR][/U]
These socks are so nice when they are finished, and the instructions are clear and concise.