I have to vent!

Yesterday I was explaining to someone why i felt the urge to donate time, money, and effort in knitting items to worthy causes. This woman then told me it was useless to give handmade ‘stuff’ but rather go out and by ‘new products’. I am confused now, if it’s charity and a hobby, aren’t I being productive either way? She kinda made me rethink motives/priorities, but then I realized I have compassion and someone if only one person/animal shows happiness/warmth then my task is completed. Thank you.

Don’t let her get to you, some people see handmade items as not as good as storebought, but their opinion really doesn’t matter. You can’t put the same kind of thoughtfulness into things from the store.

Baloney to her! I think most people appreciate the time and effort we spend in making the stuff we donate. Don’t let her be a spoil sport.

Knitty sweet, You must realize that in this world you will have to tolerate some people who just don’t know any better. You must follow your own muse. Often, free advice won’t cost you a thing unless you take it.

Psshah! She’s just a negative person, who wants to rain on everyone else’s parade. Just ignore her.

I’m very active in making group quilts to give away and have joined a knitting/crochet circle this past year for the same purpose.

Usually, people who poo-poo the idea of donating nice, handmade items cannot make the items themselves, and are equating our work to the cheapest, worst stuff they’ve ever seen for sale as trinkets. They have no idea what “quality” means.

Their loss. Hold onto your ideals and good feelings. :grphug:


I totally agree with your OP. If you can’t knit, you can certainly buy and give, but if you enjoy DIYing it and feel you’re giving more of yourself that way (which you are!) then it’s very rewarding to do it. People who don’t knit or crochet, or have no appreciation for it, just don’t get it! Call it craft ignorance :wink:

[COLOR=“Teal”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I have to agree with the others…I haven’t always had the means to “buy new” to donate but I’ve always felt good in my heart when I’m able to donate handmade items. I live in the northeast and who doesn’t love a nice warm scarf or cap in those blustery snowy months? To heck with that woman who can’t see charity for what it is :poke: - goodwill and caring for others. And keep on knitting!! :knitting: [/FONT][/COLOR]

Does this person enjoy receiving gifts especially commissioned for them, customized, monogrammed, etc? If so, inform her that this is an inefficient way to give gifts, much like giving something knitted is. Next time she receives something like described above, she should insist that the person go buy her some mass-manufactured, non-personal crap instead.

Knittysweet, you are giving the one thing that woman couldn’t buy, even if she had all the money in the world. That thing is :heart: love :heart: . And this old world needs all of it you can give. :grphug: Keep up the good works! :thumbsup:

Your are doing good productive work, lots of people love hand knitting but so many people cannot knit. This lady reminds me of the people from one of our affluent cities that give their old clothes and broken toys to chartiy drive and think they are being so good giving to quote ‘those poor people’. Keep up your good work and enjoy what you do.


Should she ever find herself in the same place as those in need (real need), she’ll think differently and hopefully appreciate anything someone else would do for her. Even a stranger.

We just came through the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wonder just how many people are truly grateful for what they have. A lot of people have no concept of what gratitude and thankfulness mean.

Many people who need warm clothing etc love that the items they receive have been made by another human, someone who cared enough to make it. Store bought is just that, someone took a few minutes and their money to buy something for them. Appreciated but not filled with love like handmade.

I remember years ago a friend of mine who used to take leprosy bandages to the colonies in India, told me that the people who received them would be SO grateful and shocked that someone took all that time to make their bandages. They often would hug them and with tears in their eyes, would say a prayer for the knitter.

Just my 2 cents…

Well, pass this on to your “friend”, let’s see what happens? https://givingfirst.org/index.php?section=content&action=dynamic&cmsID=36

It’s been my experience, that whenever I’ve given a hand-made knitted item to someone they have always appreciated that I had taken the time to make them something myself. :knitting: Keep up
the good work!

Many people who do not give will criticize those who do or make an excuse why they don’t give. I am guessing that this lady is someone who shoots down people any chance she can get and then offers what she says is " a better way" whether she actually believes it of not. She really is not worth your anger. Glad to hear that you help others out so.

You have a talent that God has given you. We were called to use our talents, not hide them away, just as Christ showed us in the parable of the servants who invested and increased their talents v the one who buried his away. Using your talents to help others is a noble thing. She expressed just one person’s narrow-minded opinion. If homemade items are worthless then why are quilt shows and craft shows always so crowded? Please be encouraged to continue using your talents to help others and hold your head high in doing so. Good bless!

Somebody once told me how jealous she was of me that I always wore hand knitted jumpers.

I always thought that handmade was the best quality.

Look how much you have to pay for hand finished suits and shoes!

Tell that lady about Savile Row. :slight_smile:

24 years ago I gave birth to my first child (I did not know how to knit then) the maternity ward had a raffle and I won it. It was a beautiful hand made white sweater with a matching bonnet, I was so happy that I won! I kept that outfit and all of my children have worn it and I have it packed away for some day when I have grandchildren.

Hi. I think it all a matter of what we like and don’t like. Come people prefer hand made and other prefer store bought. Everybody is different.