I have to vent!

well. some people DESERVE a crppy sweater from Wlm*rt.

you can’t beat a lovely hand knit anything.

don’t call it ‘homemade’ or even ‘handmade.’ call it ‘bespoke’ like custom jewelry, cars, suits, etc. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, at our Spring Show there will be a whole section of tiny cardies knitted for the local prem baby unit. The hospital always us to carry on and say that the individual items made with care and thought are so much appreciated by the mums, who are not only often short of such small sizes clothes but also love the individuality of the gifts.

Some people wouldn’t recognise generosity of spirit if it got up and punched them in the nose. To quote Gandhi - “Be the Change”!

Even more sad is the fact that some people actually WANT a crappy sweater from walmart

most of my knitting is donated
and it is badly needed i church has taken on 400 families
there is huge amount of families in need

just to play devil’s advocate, sadly there are “knitters” in the world who produce, shall we say, less than stellar? goods.

maybe she’s been the recipient of inferior knitting. (we have one in our group like that. produces prodigious amounts of absolutely appalling, useless bits of knitting.
never seems to be able to improve, or doesn’t try.
at the very least, it makes HER happy, so at least someone is, which isn’t a complete loss.

As the above reply said, some can’t knit all that great, and who wants an obviously “home made” sweater? The poor don’t deserve anything better? It reminds me of the folks that get uptight and angry when the poor don’t want their Top Ramen food donations: Harumph! I paid GOOD money for those ramens for them to have and they should be grateful! Do you see where I am going with this. I wasn’t there to hear this woman who said what’s wrong with store bought, Ive no idea what the context was. If I am going to give to charity, completely anonymously- I would probably get them a sweater that is nice and kind of in style as opposed to my hand knit, which may have taken me two months to complete, but isn’t AS nice as the purchased one.

When I was new at crocheting and knitting, I one Christmas made all of my gifts for family. They were awful. I did not know it then, when I finished them, because to me they were beautiful hand made creations. In reality, they were crap. Your eyes see “hand made” not “home made” when it came from your hands, especially after you’ve sweated over it for hours each day- all that WORK! I no longer allow anything that won’t pass muster outside my sewing room door. We sometimes do not see our things as others see them, even if we are careful, a home made Red Heart scarf will look like a… Red Heart homemade scarf. We ourselves after working at it for hours place a lot more value into it. The person receiving it just sees a red scarf- they’ve NO idea how long it took, who made it, nothin’! So, imagine yourself at the receiving end.

It is not easy placing value on an item we ourselves have made. It just is way too hard. I think maybe take a photo of our items, place it online to a photo bank, and compare it to similar items for sale in any store, see if it compares or if it looks like something at the bottom of the discounted Goodwill items. We have all been in the thrift stores and found many hand crocheted afghans, bedspreads, scarves, and so on. Sure I think “Gosh why would someone donate this??” maybe they made it and wanted to donate. Maybe it’s ugly, and I HAVE seen some ugly granny square style afghans that are using all the wrong color combinations.

Sometimes I think people are not making it for charity, but making it really for themselves, to pat themselves on the back. Ive seen it, they’re more concerned with “their work” than the receiver!

oops forgot to add hee hee- I am not at all accusing the original poster of the above not at all, I have no idea what she is like!

OK, for me, I would just love to make the baby sets for Angel Babies, maybe it’s morbid for some that is fine, for me just the idea of making one and giving it anonymously appeals to me. But, I can’t and I will tell you why, those items must be absolutely PERfect. No errors whatsoever, this is their precious angel, and every single thing around their baby must be perfect, it is as if they are burying a “defective” if the hand made sweater has a dropped stitch or bad tension making uneven stitches or whatever. I won’t make anything for that charity until I can put out a perfect item.

The poor often feel disenfranchised and less than human when given defects or ugly things. Hey not that they “deserve the best” or anything, well, whatever, do whatever you want I don’t care. I wouldn’t make a hand made sweater for charity as I prefer to spend MY long weeks making something like that for a relative. for charity maybe a pair of fingerless mitts, or something like that. I can buy a blanket nicer than I could put out maybe it would cost more, whatever. I will tell you, when I was much younger and in school just barely in my 20’s, me and my sister went to a food bank. We drove in in an Italian sports car (dad’s hand me down to us) the wheels alone were 2k in 1983!! but, we were starving :frowning: I was DAMN glad to have canned tomatoes, plain wrap peanut butter, and would have been glad for anything. But, if I were to donate myself I would not donate those same things- I know its weird.