I.Hate. The. Wiggles

That is all

pffffffft…lol…isn’t there a song about fruit salad? i seem to remember my best friend’s son singing a song about fruit salad that i had to clap for…

But my best friends son just taught me the Octopus song last summer! We bonded and I know the dance too!

[size=2]NOTE: I do not have kids thus I’m not forced to hear them every day :cheering: [/size]

fruit salad. yummy yummy. fruit salad. yummy yummy. the first step…

Haha, ever notice how many syllables you can fit in the word plate? :roflhard:

Ok… when you don’t know what The Wiggles are, this thread looks like you’re all crazy.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: You all are crazy!

…I mean, um…what are the wiggles? :shifty:

think of barney…except with full grown adults singing songs about fruit salad. :wall:

yeah you know they don’t have girlfriends… i mean can you imagin that conversation?

Blue Wiggle "Hey baby! Whats yo name?"
Girl giggle “Dumb Dumb” giggle
Blue Wiggle "Whats yo sign?"
Girl giggle "Sign?"
Blue Wiggle "I’m a WIGGLE!"
Girl "A what?"
Blue Wiggle "A Wiggle you know (singing) Fruit Salad. Yummy Yummy"
Girl “I don’t know.” :oo:

my kids watch it… :rollseyes: i watched with them ne day and i couldn’t sit through the whole show… its Teletubbies without the suit!

Sounds like children’s programming is getting scarier and scarier! I didn’t think there could ever be anything more annoying than barney…and I’m not even tortured by having to listen to it every day. I think I’ll have to check these Wiggle people out in the name of research :slight_smile:

lol…you have done wonders for making us look less crazy with that post!

Hmmm…is it so much that I am making you guys look less crazy, or myself look more crazy??? :doh:

This is the kind of thing one should know though, regardless of child status!

lol…sorry you snuck in there…i was talking about the conversation going on up there :lol:

oops, sorry…

Oh, they may be annoying… but nothing will ever come close to insanity of Barney. She is not allowed to watch that. Nope. No way.

:happydance: doing the wiggle dance!!

My very I mean very 1rst concert I may go to in my life may just be ‘The Wiggles’ :shock:

My 19 mos old is in awe of the wiggles she loves the wiggles… She loves to dance and goes around singing all their songs… How about drink some water Gulp Gulp drink some water… its so good for you… have a drink of water… the madness!! or D-O-R-O-T-H-Y dorthy the dinosaur!! It does keep her active cause when its time for TV she is moving and not sitting but sometimes mommy wants to go :wall: lol and its really fun when ya have to join in and dance LOL although it would keep ya in shape. I can’t do a song and still be able to breathe at the end of it. Anywho remeber me Aug. 18th cause I will prolly be doing the Wiggle dance but what a wonderful memory for her!! :expressionless:

oh my!

So the Wiggles go on tour then??? I can only imagine what madness that venue would cause!

awwww! The things we do for our kids eh? I have so much respect now for my mom and all those New Kids on The Block (no coments!) I drug her too :roflhard:

:roflhard: I can’t believe you say “New Kids on the Block” and expect no commentary!!! What were you THINKING? :shock: You can bet there are going to be several comments on that one! :slight_smile:

I’m with Nuno…they might be irritating but no way, no how, can anything even touch the ICK level of Barney. Heck, I’ll even let my kids watch that creepy Boobah show on occasion…but NEVER Barney. We live in a Barney-free zone. Ick, ick, ick.

steps off her soapbox