I got an iPad!

Thank you for replying. You and Jan have answered my questions well. I think I would prefer a Kindle or Nook if downloading books. I was confusing a tablet with the iPad. I am not up to date on all of this new stuff.

An iPad IS a tablet. I do almost everything on it… I read news, FB, forums, play games like Words with Friends, keep my ongoing shopping list, read email, etc. My shopping list syncs with my phone so I always have it when I’m shopping.

About the only thing I don’t do at all is read books. If I have to type a long email or post then then I will go to the computer otherwise I’m on it like some people use a laptop.

I did admit that I was not savvy about this stuff. Thanks.

Trying again… Okay, I’m an old geek, but we all had to learn sometime! :hug:

Another question please. I would want to use the tablet just as I do my laptop when on line. Are a lot of the things that you download free or do most of them charge a fee? How do you keep an ongoing shopping list? I would be using free wi-fi and not buying a cell service.

There are thousands of apps and many, but not all are free. The KH one for instance is $10, but it’s worth it. All the videos here are also on the app, plus lots of info. That being said most apps that you have to pay for are in the 99 cents to $5 range. I have many paid apps because it was worth it to me to get rid of the ads. Many apps often have two versions, one free and one paid.

Shopping… I use an app called Grocery IQ because i can add something on the list on my iPad and it syncs with my iPhone so my list is always with me. If you don’t have an iPhone I’m not sure if using the app would be beneficial for you. I’ll have to look later. The notepad would also work well for lists. You can send your list to your printer. I have a wireless printer so I’m not sure if they all work.

I think there are free versions of the games I play. I have paid ones (most were 99 cents) because I didn’t want ads.

It works pretty well for surfing the web, etc. Typing is a pain, but just searching and reading is no big deal. When I get a chance in a few min I’ll list my most used apps.

You can look all these up on iTunes w/o buying, but you can see what they are. These are the ones I use regularly or use when I need them.

What’s On? - TV show schedule
Social apps - Pinterest and Facebook
Kayak - travel like fare checking, flight tracker
Fandango - movies, see what’s on in my local theater
IMDb - Internet Movie Database to check actors info, etc.
News/weather - Weather Channel, ABC News, Time
Gas Buddy - find lowest price for gas
Grocery IQ - my Target, grocery list
Games- Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Solitaire, Bejeweled and others, but these are used the most
Knitting apps- Knitting Help, Raglanify (make your own pattern), Yarn Genie
Good Reader - Read PDFs…I most use for patterns
Dropbox - Read PDFs, etc… look this one up online it does too much
San Diego Zoo - Seriously…I watch the new baby panda!

Okay there are a bunch more, but I guess I check these most… I think besides my mail and Safari. iPad isn’t for everyone and you have to take the good with the bad like the typing issue. It’s not heavy, but heavy enough it can be hard to hold. I tend to put it in my lap or against my bent knees. It’s easier on a laptop, but I love my apps that make it easy to do the things I love. You can check them out at Best Buy and other electronic stores which is the best thing to do before you buy one. I got mine at Best Buy actually.

Ask if you have more questions.

I see people using these in the grocery stores. Would they need service through a cell plan in order to use them there or do most grocery stores now have wi-fi that the public can access?

I want to buy a tablet and we have DSL in the house, but I won’t be able to pay for a monthly fee as well just to use it in places that don’t have the free wi-fi. It would be great to find out that most grocery stores have free access, because I’m sure I would use one when shopping.

IMO it’s a little heavy for grocery shopping, but I guess it could sit in the carts seat!

You know, I have no idea if grocery stores have free wifi, but I kinda don’t think most would. You can call and ask them. More places are getting it, but a big store would require a lot of bandwidth which is a lot of money.

Type in “free wifi” with the name of your city and while that probably isn’t a complete list it’s a start. Looks like mostly coffee shops, hotels, a few fast food, Barnes and Noble…

I just tried for mine and came up with a list, but there were no grocery stores on it. I might try different cities nearby, too.

How long does the battery last, on average, before it has to be replaced?

It depends on the app – some apps you use right on the tablet, without accessing anything online, in which case you don’t need to worry about wifi or cellular service.

Like Jan, I’m surprised that people would tote around iPads while grocery shopping, but obviously they are doing something that works for them.

This site: http://appshopper.com/ can help you see what apps are available and how much they cost. There is a search box on the right side. It gives you cost, descriptions, and screenshots of what the apps look like. It may be a bit overwhelming, but it would give you an idea what is out there.

I have the original iPad and I’m still using the original battery. The only iDevice that I’ve had to replace a battery on what my original iPod Nano; however, that ended up getting recalled (and replaced) due to a battery issue. Batteries in Apple devices seem to last a very long time. Sorry I can’t help much with that.

That’s true about some apps. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Most of the ones you’d use in a grocery store don’t require service at all. Some of the apps say you don’t need to be connected, but some don’t.

As for a battery… mine is new obviously and my iPhone is 1.5 yrs. My daughter has had apple products for quite a while and she’s never mentioned replacing batteries. I think that most batteries last a long time and if they do need replacing some of them are not replaceable in apple products. Never been an issue with anyone I know. :shrug: